Electrolux celebrates 15 years in the Philippines with the launch of its FashionCare campaign

It was a Filipiniana-inspired night as Electrolux celebrated its 15-year presence in the Philippines with its brand ambassadors, dealers, distributors, and friends. Dubbed ‘Pamana’ (heritage), the evening gala’s guests came dressed in modern Filipiniana attire and to witness the launch of its FashionCare Campaign, a new experience in clothing care.

I still remember the very catchy jingle of Electrolux which I heard as a child growing up…”I’m gonna knock on your door, ring on your bell, tap on your window too. I’m back to give you much more when you open your door. I’m your friendly Electrolux man.” Back then, Electrolux was already known for its wide range of household appliances. Today, those appliances are still around but further improved on and incorporate the latest available technologies, making the Electrolux brand enjoy market leadership in vacuum cleaners and strong positions in No Frost refrigerators and washing machines.

As it celebrates 15 years, Electrolux aims to shape living for the better and improve the everyday lives of Filipinos. Its renewed focus on products and solutions is meant to create better experiences for its customers.

The anniversary celebration was the best time to launch the FashionCare Campaign. Top fashion designer, Rajo Laurel, shared how his Electrolux UltimateCare Washing Machine was the dream appliance that truly took care of delicate fabrics and designer clothes without dry cleaning or handwashing and retained the color and shape of clothes without the usual risks of shrinkage. He recounted how a favorite piece of clothing made of wool was washed in this machine without changing its shape or color.

Electrolux also unveiled its FashionCare Council composed of Rajo Laurel, FashionCare ambassador, and Council members Amina Arañaz-Alunan (founder, executive director and teacher of SoFA Design Institute and Creative Director of fashion bag label ARAÑAZ) and Janice Villanueva (successful mompreneur and founder of Mommy Mundo).

The Electrolux range of UltimateCare washing machines were designed to prevent fading of colors, shrinkage, and misshaping. The UltraMix technology uses a lower and gentler temperature compared to a hot wash but still gives the same results – better stain and dirt removal. Detergent and water are pre-mixed in a special chamber before the start of a cycle to maximize cleaning power at a lower temperature.



Electrolux UltimateCare Front Load Washer Dryer EWW14113


Aside from this powerful but gentle cleaning, the UltimateCare washing machine extends the life of clothes with its Vapour Action which softens fabric while reducing allergens by up to 99.9%. In addition, the Woolmark-certified cycle (approved by the Woolmark Company, a global authority on wool), safely launders your wool garments, just as Rajo Laurel recounted.

If you’re wondering if that level of care uses up a lot of electricity, worry not. It comes with an Eco inverter technology and that reduces energy consumption by 75% and saves time by 44%.

Aside from the launch of the UltraMix washing machine, Electrolux’s newest top load washing machines were also unveiled. With its Cyclonic Tub Clean feature, tub and pulsator rotate simultaneously to create a scrubbing action.


Electrolux Cyclonic Care Top Load EWT165WD


Electrolux Cyclonic Care Top Load EWT805WN


The Cyclonic Care Pulsator and Prism Drum, on the other hand, deliver gentle care for clothes. The Cyclonic Care Pulsator generates an upward water flow to help clothes circulate properly and reduce friction. On the other hand, the Prism Drum gently splits the dirt from the clothes just like a prism splits light, resulting in tangle-free wash.

Congratulations, Electrolux, on 15 years of great household innovations in the Philippines. Looking forward to more years ahead.

You can find Electrolux online here:

Facebook: facebook.com/Electrolux Philippines
Twitter: @ElectroluxPH


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