Bata Philippines opens its 3rd store in SM Makati and launches Bata Insolia heels

Bata shoe lovers, you’ve got a third store to go to. Bata is now open at the second level of SM Makati. They just recently broke ground there with all your favorite shoe lines PLUS a new one – Bata Insolia high-heeled shoes.


Bata store at SM Makati

I own a pair of Bata flats. It is my only closed, flat pair since I shifted to open-toed and low-heeled shoes. So when I covered the ASEAN activities last April and this month and had to look more formal, I wore this on all days. There were times when we would have to run to catch a shuttle press shuttle or walk some distance to the venue site. My feet never felt tired.

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I told Bata Philippines country manager Rabi Hasnabi about my experience with my Bata flats and he said that they purposely designed Bata shoes not only to be fashionable, but best of all, to be comfortable all day. With humor, he says that there is no need for “tiis ganda” (suffering beauty) – a term used when one has to suffer pain and discomfort just to wear fashionable shoes.

Watch this video from Bata Philippines’ Facebook page showing Mr. Hasnabi addressing the celebrities and bloggers at the launch.

I held a few of the Insolia pairs in my hand and wondered if I could ever dare to walk in them. Haha! I was never one to go for platform shoes in my younger days but I wore pumps a lot when I was still in the corporate world. This black pumps (below) caught my eye right away.

Black Insolia pumps
I am so tempted to get this pair of black Insolia pumps. That gold tip accent is just perfect!


Here’s how it works. Normal high heeled shoes shift our weight to the front and oftentimes, our forefoot bears 75% of our weight the whole day. No wonder we get tired! Bata Insolia shoes are designed so that our weight is evenly distributed between the heels and the forefoot. It reduces forefoot pressure, improves our posture and balance, and extends comfortable wear time.

Bata Insolia line
The Bata Insolia line


Watch this video about the Bata Insolia heels.

I definitely need a pair of heeled shoes appropriate for more formal affairs but I can no longer imagine suffering in them all throughout. If my experience with my Bata flats is any gauge, I think I may just take a look once again at the Insolia line on my next visit to the Bata store.

Bata is also found at the 3L SM Megamall Bldg B and 1L SM City Bacoor in Cavite.

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