Watsons’ Kiss Aging Goodbye campaign helps women fight aging signs

Many beauty tips say that one should be conscious of “aging” not at 30 or 40 or 50 but as young as one’s 20s. So true!

Just think…..why do some young women already look old while some much older women do not look their age? One big factor is how their skin looks.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, covering our entire skeletal system. The extent of care we give it will show up starting in our 40s but we can minimize those effects if we begin taking care of our skin much earlier. We can prolong the suppleness and elasticity of our skin, prevent very deep wrinkles, lessen those fine lines around the eyes and mouth, and even keep our pores closed much longer.

In my yoga practice, we learn that what happens inside the body manifests outside. So aging skin is a manifestation of what is inside. Calcium deficiency and lack of collagen are just some of the culprits. Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc also on the organs in many ways. Chronic stress and rollercoaster emotions produce cortisol (a stress hormone) that contributes to disease.

I’m a golden girl and although I think I have been blessed with relatively good skin, thanks to good genes and yin yoga (which I believe is also good for the skin), I already see the telltale signs of aging. There are the lines on the sides of my eyes, especially when I smile. The forehead is starting to show wrinkles. ┬áIt doesn’t help that pollution affects the skin. So does sleep deprivation and diet. So as much as I try to take care of my skin, I know I need EXTRA help.

Watsons is helping women like us.

From August 4 till September 21, 2016, Watsons is holding a Kiss Aging Goodbye campaign where you can avail of discounts on anti-aging products. You will recognize some brands – Celeteque, L’Oreal, Ponds, Dove, Neutrogena, and many more. Of course, the Watsons brand will also be there with its beauty line as well as their generics. Some brands will offer topicals and creams while others will offer food supplements and ingestible beauty aids.

Some participating anti-aging products in Watson’s Kiss Aging Goodbye campaign


Patty Laurel-Filart, Watsons brand ambassador

Look at this new brand I found at Watsons — the Collagen brand. I was drawn to the ingredients which include collagen peptides – critical in maintaining the elasticity (and youthfulness) of the skin.

Collagen anti-aging line (this one I’m holding is their Corrector Cream)

We need to take care of our skin, no question about it. We can do that by changing our lifestyle, eating healthy, and living well. But for that extra help, anti-aging products will help. We can have them without spending on full price if we avail of Watsons’ Kiss Aging Goodbye campaign these next few weeks.

30 is the new 20; 50 is the new 40. In fact, with regular care, I believe that 60 or 70 and beyond can become the new 50. One can continue to look young with the right mindset and right personal care. Let’s do this!

Visit the nearest Watsons outlet nearest you till Sept. 21, 2016.


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