My comfy, foldable Butterfly Twists were perfect for an artsy walking tour afternoon

A saying goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

Let me tweak that a bit and say, “The proof of truly wearable shoes is in the walking!”

And that’s exactly what the people behind Butterfly Twists made a group of us do one pretty humid afternoon at Bonifacio High Street (BHS) to launch their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. They challenged us to do an artsy walking tour around BHS wearing our very own pairs of Butterfly Twists.

Butterfly Twists

I got my Butterfly Twists the night before our walking tour. The box was so tiny!!! Look, my pair of shoes came twisted and folded in half inside the box. And it came with its own pouch too! Imagine, I could bring this pair in my bag and change shoes even when I’m out. I always have flip flops or sandals in the car when I go out in heels so having a foldable pair like this in my bag allows me that flexibility to give tired feet a respite without me having to lug a shoebox for my spare footwear.

Folded Butterfly Twists


Soles of Butterfly Twists
Anti-slip soles!

Okay, they were soft enough to fold. But were they comfortable? Yes!!! Soooo cushiony comfy!

Wearing my pair on yoga mat

The next day, our group of lifestyle bloggers and journalists met up at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Bonifacio High Street where we chatted while waiting for the rest and compared Butterfly Twist styles.

Fil-Am graffiti artist Dee Jae Paeste (that’s Dee-Jay Pa-Este) was our tour guide extraordinaire for the afternoon. Dee Jae is originally from California but also lived in New York and Tokyo before settling down here in Manila. He told us that he would show us the artsy side of BHS especially its hidden secrets.

Dee Jae Paeste
Dee Jae Paeste

In all honesty, I thought the art he was referring to were the huge sculptures and artwork on the grassy area of BHS. Imagine my surprise when Dee Jay brought us to inner lanes and parts of BHS to show us art that were not always on eye level and were likely missed by passersby like me.

Have you seen this huge mural by Anjo Bolarda, located on Lane P, BHS 2 side? There are actually several such murals on BHS if you explore the BACK or SIDE of buildings.

Pangako by Anjo Bolarda
Pangako, by Anjo Bolarda


Pangako by Anjo Bolarda-closeup
Beside a small part of Anjo Bolarda’s wall-sized mural with my Butterfly Twists

Now, from huge, wall-sized murals, let’s go to the tiny, tucked away art that is almost always missed. Check out the bird art below. I would never have seen this if Dee Jae didn’t point it out to us. This one is located on Lane O on the BHS 1 side.

Bird on a log

Near ROX, along 7th Avenue, is this artwork by Nate Frizzell, featuring a huge bear and a lifelike boy.

Boy and bear by Nate Frizzell
Boy and bear artwork by Nate Frizzell

Dee Jae brought us to his own artwork, entitled Mother Nature, which filled two intersecting walls.

Mother Nature by Dee Jae Paeste
Showing how my feet were still surviving with Butterfly Twists at the Mother Nature two-walled mural by Dee Jae Paeste

Crossing 7th Avenue to the other side of Bonifacio High Street, BHS Central, we spotted another huge mural — Araw + Ulap + Laro = Saya by The Mighty Bhutens.

Araw_Ulap_Laro by Mighty Bhutens
Araw + Ulap + Laro = Saya artwork by The Mighty Bhutens (and my Butterfly Twists are keeping me alive!) I also admired the beautiful mosaic mandala behind!!!


Marjorie and I turned out to be wearing twin Butterfly Twists shoes so that deserved a picture….
Twin Butterfly Twists

…as well as this group picture….of our Butterfly Twists!

Group photo

Our tour of BONIFACIO High Street would not be complete without taking a look at the Andres Bonifacio mural at BHS Central.

Bonifacio mural
Bonifacio mural

And to cap off our tour, because by this time, we were sweating from the humid weather, we were treated to a merienda cena at Earth Kitchen. A display of all the Butterfly Twists styles were laid out for us to ogle and inspect more closely while being treated to a healthy, organic mix of food and drinks.

Here are some of the styles that personally appealed to me (product photos courtesy of Butterfly Twists).

Cara, navy white stripes (PhP 2,099). There is also a black/tan stripe version
Charlie turquoise sandals, cobalt snake (PhP 2,099). Also available in black and raspberry


Chloe, silver leopard snake (PhP 2,399). Also available in stone snake iridscent and black gasoline iridescent
Heather Stone (PhP 2,399). Available in black, chestnut, and stone
Izzie, cobalt (PhP 3,099). Available also in black, slate grey, and white
Lilah, gold stardust (PhP 3,799). Available also in black/pewter metallic
Olivia, cream and navy (PhP 2,099). Available also in black/black, cream/black, navy/navy pewter/black, and nude/cream
Portia, black zebra (PhP 2,399). Available also in leopard/chestnut and silver leopard snake/nude


Only the ballet flats and peep-toe shoes are foldable. The rest, like the sandals, are not. So if you are like me, interested in tote-able pairs, go for the foldable variants. They also have rain boots, by the way. That information would come in handy with this upcoming La Nina rainy weather that everyone is talking about.

Imagine, after that whole afternoon walking, I still had to go to a TV studio in the evening for an interview. But I did not feel tired at all. My feet were still feeling great. Since then, I have worn my pair over and over again to different events and they are really a blessing because they have helped me stretch my energy even further.

I truly loved that walking tour of BHS too. It opened my eyes to many things around that totally escaped me. I think I will try to do a full-blown artsy walking tour in the near future…

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