An intimate lunch with Mega Creations Premium Sardines

My kids may be carnivores but when it comes to seafood, we are a heavy sardine-eating family. It is something that everyone looks forward to especially during breakfast and we take it in different ways – with pan de sal or with eggs and rice. So how could I say no when Mega Creations invited me to an intimate lunch with its owners and team to try its premium sardines product? Besides, it’s always a pleasure to return to Pio’s Kitchen, knowing how good Chef Chin’s specialty paella (regular and negra) is.

Four sardine variants
The four Mega Creations Premium Sardines

The whole Pio’s Kitchen was bedecked in dainty English tea sets with tables that had a lot of fresh flowers, lace, and wine. Even our menu and brown kitchen apron were personalized with our names.

English Tea set with Mega sardines decor


Table decor


Best of all, the sumptuous lunch menu created by Chef Chin Gallegos-Bagis made use of the different variants of Mega Creations’ Premium Sardines. Just look at this menu (click image to enlarge).

My personalized apron and menu
My very own personalized apron and menu!

I happened to be seated with the Mega Creations owners and executives and over lunch, I learned that what made Mega Sardines really special was that it took only 12 hours from catching to canning/bottling. Aside from that, the entire process from catching to canning/bottling is done with no human hands touching the sardines. Each can or bottle bears their Seal of Freshness to remind consumers about this 12-hour freshness guarantee.

Seal of Freshness
See that Seal of Freshness? It’s in every can or bottle of Mega Creations products!

To show us how easy it is to whip up Mega Creations sardines dishes, we had a little cooking game. We were paired up into 5 teams to replicate one of Chef Chin’s sardine-inspired dishes — the Tomato Arugula and Sardine Pasta.

Chef Chin at cookout
Chef Chin briefs the cooking teams


Cooking garlic and tomatoes
Cook the garlic first in olive oil. When brownish, toss in the sliced tomatoes.


Add sardines to spices
Add the sardines and sliced chili to the spices.


Pasta sauce
Add 1/2 cup of pasta water. Continue stirring.


Pasta noodles
Add the cooked pasta to the pasta sauce and mix well. Top with arugula.
My team with Chef Chin
Chef Chin with my cooking team and our finished dish


And if you cannot imagine how else sardines can be incorporated into dishes, look at some of the other things Chef Chin came up with.

Creamy Spinach and Sardines Bake with Wheat Pita Chips
Creamy Spinach and Sardines Bake with Wheat Pita Chips


Sardines and Potato Croquettas wrapped in lettuce and tartare sauce
Sardines and Potato Croquettas wrapped in lettuce and tartare sauce


Open-Faced Spicy Cheesy Sardine Quesadillas
Open-Faced Spicy Cheesy Sardine Quesadillas

Thank you so much to the people behind Mega Creations Premium Sardines for a wonderful, gastronomic intimate lunch. I’m looking forward to testing some of Chef Chin’s dishes at home.

Mega Creations team
The Mega Creations team
With Chef Chin and Lady Reyes
With Mega Creations’ Lady Reyes and Chef Chin

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