BlueWater Day Spa launches new brand ambassadors as well as their Balinese Four-Hand Massage

BlueWater Day Spa is that oasis in the city known for its unique spa treatments that come from different international origins. I was at a recent event of theirs to reintroduce their brand ambassadors, launch new ambassadors, as well as show us their latest massage treatment.
BlueWater Day Spa stage

It took a while before the event began but I didn’t mind because I sat with two good friends, Chats and Roch. I had not seen Chats in a long, long time so it was great that we were again bumping into each other at events. The waiting was filled with catching up stories.

With Roch and Chats
With Roch (left) and Chats (right)


For this launch, Kim Chiu was added to the ever-growing roster of brand ambassadors that include faces from the Mercator talent agency: Brazilian heartthrob Fabio Ide; Sam Ajdani (Mr. World 2015); Philippe Escalambre, model; Mark McMahon, actor/model; Amadeo Leandro, international model; Brent Javier, model; and Bianca Guidotti (Miss International 2014).

Kim Chiu
Newest BlueWater Day Spa brand ambassador Kim Chiu rendering a song


Besides these model-ambassadors, we were also introduced to GMA-7 talents who were also their brand ambassadors — Mike Tan, Ervic Vijandre, Benjamin Alves, and Aljur Abrenica.
BlueWater Day Spa ambassadors

The event also launched BlueWater Day Spa’s latest massage treatment – the Balinese Four-Hand Massage.

I was curious what four-hand massage meant. It turned out that you would have two therapists simultaneously performing the massage on you IN SYNC! I want to try this one very, very soon!!!

Balinese body massages are so great because it involves the use of thumbs and palms making long strokes as well as focusing on pressure points to relieve tired, aching muscles. Hypoallergenic warm oil is used during the massage for both curative and soothing purposes. What makes the Balinese Four Hand Massage even better is that the four hands of the two therapists work in sync to give you that sensation of continuity of touch as they work on different sections of the body.

As a yin yoga teacher, I appreciate the wellness benefits that regular massages give. Not only do they loosen up tight kinks in the body but they also stimulate the meridians, the energy highways running throughout the body. Its natural ability to destress and put you in a relaxed state is why I try to go as often as I can. You bet…BlueWater Day Spa’s Balinese Four-Hand Massage is my next MUST TRY.


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