Awesome lighting solutions with Orbik

What kind of lights do you use at home?

Lighting experts now strongly recommend the shift to LED bulbs. These may be more expensive than the bulbs we have been used to but their life is so much longer than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs (up to 3x longer!). The standard also these days is no longer the number of watts but the lumens (the amount of light visible to the eye). LED bulbs may have a low number of watts and yet its emitted lumens is far brighter than incandescent bulbs.

Orbik is a new lighting brand that gives homeowners different lighting choices and designs for a wider choice of lighting effects throughout your home. Although it was the first time for me to hear about the brand, I found out by talking to the owners that it is already available in different hardware shops.

At the Orbik event, I got to go around to see the different ways their LED bulbs can be used.

Orbik lights
Even a 3-watt Orbik bulb emits as much as 230 lumens


Not hot to the touch
LED bulbs are not hot to the touch even after hours of use, making it energy efficient


Wall fixture lighting
Beautiful and subtly lighted wall decor using Orbik lights

At the event also was Conrad Onglao, a well-known architect (yes, the beau of Zsa Zsa Padilla!). I got to chat at length with him while waiting for the event to begin and noted that his architectural style uses a lot of natural light while using light bulbs to add more highlights, depending on the time of day or night. A room can be made to look different in the daytime and transform its look at night just by putting in the right kind of lights.

Conrad Onglao
Architect Conrad Onglao

One truly unique Orbik light bulb was the one that came with a bluetooth speaker!!! I have never imagined that a bulb would come with a speaker and yet there it was, combined by Orbik! We tested it and it streamed music from my friend Noemi’s mobile phone. Here’s a sampling.

Here are some tips I picked up from the event coming from both Conrad Onglao and an interior decorator with regards to lighting:

* Accent lighting highlights artwork
* Create moods with indirect lighting
* Use clear light on desks or above kitchen counters to clearly light your tasks
* Bedrooms should have soft, warm lighting while an office should have bright, white lighting to keep one alert
* For a more sophisticated look in a room, play around with positioning lamps in certain areas to highlight key points such as a bookshelf or accent piece of furniture
* When selecting a light fixture, consider the size of a room and the intended function
* To get the right amount of illumination, focus on the lumens and not the bulb’s wattage

Here’s a sampler kit I got of different Orbik light bulbs.

Sampler kit
The sampler kit contains 6 different Orbik bulbs…


Legend for sampler kit
…and here’s the legend for the sampler kit above.

Check out Orbik’s LED lights catalog here (prices subject to change):

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