An open letter to OFWs: iRegalo lets you care for your loved ones’ health from a distance

Dear kababayan Overseas Foreign Worker (OFW):

Distance won’t matter anymore. You can extend your love and care for your loved ones’ health care in the Philippines with iRegalo, a service that lines up comprehensive health care packages — medical, dental, and eye care — that you can purchase to meet your family’s specific healthcare needs.

You may ask…why would I even use iRegalo when there are remittance centers?

1. Sending money or gift items take time (It is estimated to take about 60 days if item is sent by ship).
2. Balikbayan boxes run the risk of mishandling at the postal or Customs end and many times, are charged additional Customs fees.
3. Delayed shipments mean you also miss the occasions when you want to extend help or send gifts.

iRegalo is still expanding its services but its foremost priority now is to allow OFWs to provide healthcare to your loved ones. iRegalo has arrangements with over 350 clinics nationwide to provide medical, dental, and eye care.

Over 350 clinics nationwide

The concept is really quite simple. You purchase medical, dental and eye care packages, depending on your budget and need, from the iRegalo website. Once your loved one receives confirmation of the purchase here in the Philippines, he/she can proceed to the nearest iRegalo partner clinic to redeem the health package.

Medical care

Dental care

Eye Care

Purchases of packages can be done via the following payment methods: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, JCB, American Express, UnionPay, and Discover Network. The iRegalo team assures that their payment options are secure. They say they use encryption that has been rated A+ by Qualys SSL Labs, an independent testing service.

So, dear OFWs, when your parents, siblings or kids need any medical, dental or eye care, you need not go to a remittance center. Instead, just go online to and immediately send them your love and help. That’s peace of mind!

iRegalo can be found online here:
Facebook Page:
Twitter: @iregaloph

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