Meet Ariel Power Gel — double the stain removal power for less

I am particular about laundry detergent. Not only should it leave our clothes smelling good but it should be an effective cleaner and stain remover. In the past, we’ve shifted brands if my househelp tell me that a powder detergent leaves too many sediments in the wash or the detergent just doesn’t clean well.

Well, there’s a new, revolutionary detergent from Procter & Gamble — the new Ariel Power Gel.

First impression — it’s a GEL!!! That is a big plus for me because I find that liquid detergent is so much easier to use. It mixes well with water and leaves no sediment.

Ariel Power Gel

At the event, friends of Kris Aquino attested to the power of the new Ariel Power Gel. Kris was sick but we spent a good amount of time listening to her sidekick and personal writer, Darla Sauler, describe Kris’ preferences when it came to taking care of her clothes and her laundry. Oh yes, Kris is quite particular about the kind of detergent that should clean her clothes!
Darla_Liz Uy_JC Buendia_Bianca Gonzales

Tessa Prieto-Valdez shared how she used to think powder detergent was the only way to go with her washing machine but now, she uses Ariel Power Gel. New mom Bianca Gonzales also shared how it was important to have a powerful detergent for her basketball player husband who would have a lot of sweat-stained jersey shirts to wash on top of her baby’s clothes.

Tessa Prieto Valdes

A big plus for budget-conscious Moms — it only takes 45ml of Ariel Power Gel to clean 15-20 pieces of clothing!

But of course, the proof is in the pudding. Does it clean well and remove stains? To see is to believe! And what other way to prove it than to stain fabric and see which detergent cleans it best!

Three stain agents were used: chocolate powder, coffee, and tea.

Stain agents
The stain agents


Two washing machines were set up – one for Ariel Power Gel; the other for a Brand X.

The washing machines for the test
Oooooh, very modern looking Sharp washing machines!


Using Ariel Power Gel
Only 45 ml of Ariel Power Gel was used


Using Brand X
2 sachets of Brand X were poured in…

After the washing cycle, both pieces of cloth were hung side by side. Maybe my photos do not do it justice but the one washed with Ariel Power Gel was clearly white again while the one washed with Brand X were still brownish. That’s the best proof of its efficacy!

Results after washing
Shadows aside, the one washed with Ariel Power Gel was clearly much whiter!

It wasn’t just Ariel Power Gel that caught my fancy. It was those Sharp Washing Machines! With their electronic buttons, it now seems so easy to do the washing by just pressing preferences and letting the machine do the rest. I went through their catalog (because my washing machine is several years old already) and found that aside from the tech features incorporated into each Sharp washing machine, many of their models had undersides that were designed to be rat-proof! That has been a consistent problem with all my washing machines so I am glad Sharp finally addressed this issue.

Next time you’re in the supermarket, check out Ariel Power Gel. Take it home, test it out with your clothes, and see the difference.

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