Be confident with Swish Breath Spray

A few weeks back, I got samples of a new breath freshener in town. Made by Unilab, it’s called Swish Breath Spray and comes in two variants – Arctic Chill and Peppermint Fresh.

The 2 variants came in a box when I got it

Up close: Peppermint Fresh on top, Arctic Chill at the bottom
Swish Breath Spray beside my Apple mouse

I’ve been testing it out over the past weeks. In the past, I used to carry around this brand of breath fresheners in the form of tiny mint candies. While those kinds did have the peppermint-y taste, it still felt like candy to me. In fact, I’d hate to pop one into my mouth after I brushed my teeth because it left a candy aftertaste on my tongue.

Because the Swish Breath Spray is, yes, a spray, that candy aftertaste issue is moot. All I have to do nowadays is aim the nozzle into the back of my mouth, spray, and I’m done.
This is what I like about Swish Breath Spray.
* It’s alcohol-free and sugar-free.
* It’s handy and tiny (something we ladies always like for small purses) but good for about 100 sprays
* It effectively kills germs and bacteria that cause bad breath
The variant in my everyday bag right now is the Arctic Chill. It’s packs a wallop so even if the instructions say I can pump 1-2 sprays, just 1 is enough for me. Can’t wait to try the Peppermint one. I saved it for last because Peppermint is my favorite flavor. Haha…
Swish Breath Spray is available in supermarkets, drug stores and convenience stores nationwide. It retails at PhP 105.

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