Pacquiao-Cotto Fight Live Streaming on Sandbox

Pacquiao Sotto on Sandbox

 The Pacquiao-Cotto fight will be streamed LIVE on Sunday, November 15, via Smart’s Sandbox. I will be out of the house around this time so this is good news. I plan to bring my Macbook with me and hopefully, get to follow the games. Am sure those who will be with me will also be excited to watch the games live.

Video stream starts at 9AM.

The mechanics for logging on (as found in Sandbox’s site) are as follows:


  1. This special live streaming of “Pacquiao-Cotto: Firepower” is offered only to SmartBro subscribers — Postpaid (canopy), PlugIt or ShareIt – and are registered Sandbox members. If you don’t have a Sandbox account yet, please go here.
  2. The video streaming will begin as soon as you click the link going to the Pacquiao-Cotto page from the MySandbox homepage. If you log out anytime during the webcast, you will have to log in again.
  3. This service is limited to the first 5,000 viewers on Sandbox. Due to the limited slots, some viewers may have a difficult time or may not be able to successfully access the video stream.
  4. As an alternative option, SmartGold and Buddy subscribers can get the live streaming via 3G on their mobile phones. Just text PACMAN to 286 (P2.50 per text), or visit P20 content fee plus P15 every 30-minutes.
  5. Free Mobile TV via myTV HD. Available on Nokia N96 and N77 models. Click on the mobile TV icon to access. Tune in to myTV Prime channel.

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