Del, the First Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener, Comes to Town

Parents of allergy-prone children, take note! Here is one laundry solution that has recently come to town.

If your laundry woes are like mine, you know how difficult it is to have children who are allergic to detergent. It took several trials and errors before we stumbled upon a laundry bar that was acceptable to my youngest son. But even then, we could not use fabric softener for his clothes as they were not hypoallergenic.

Recently, Del Hypoallergenic Fabric Softener was launched — the first and only such variant in the country.

DelDel leads in spreading the word about the use of hypoallergenic products via its Allergy Awareness Program. Their aim is to educate moms regarding allergies as an epidemic that is prevalent in homes but easily prevented. In addition, they are advocating the use by consumers of hypoallergenic products by understanding its benefits and the costs of NOT doing so.

One way by which consumers will eventually recognize hypoallergenic products is via the Hypoallergenic Seal which will be on tested hypoallergenic products.

Hypo Seal

To start off their program, Del created the character Itchy the Grump (portrayed in real life by Francis Magalona’s youngest son, Arkin). Itchy the Grump is the story of a grumpy and unpleasant kid who suffers from allergies. The story of Itchy the Grump was made into a book which is made available for FREE to consumers.

Itchy the Grump Book

You can also visit Del’s portal at where you can learn more about allergies and different ways to prevent it. You will also find the video of Itchy the Grump there as well as ongoing promos.

Watch out for their upcoming video contest which your kids aged 3-10 years can join.

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