Starbucks opens 2015 with a bang — espresso beverages, food items, Starbucks cards, and promos

Starbucks is indeed beginning the new year with a loud bang as they have so many new things in the offing for all of us.

Read all the way to the end because they have ongoing and upcoming promos that you won’t want to miss.


Two new whole bean coffee variants are being offered for the period indicated.

South of the Clouds, PhP 495

South of the Clouds comes in the nick of time and appropriate for the upcoming Chinese New Year. It’s a blend that includes coffee from China’s Yunnan province in the Baoshan region. I have this variant and can’t wait to have the barista grind this just in time to ring in the Chinese New Year.

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The 2015 Starbucks planners, Christmas Starbucks cards and Christmas merchandise are here!

It’s that time of the year again when Starbucks goes all out for the Christmas season and the new year!!! (Note: This will be a looooong post with lots of Starbucks goodness inside.)

The much awaited 2015 Starbucks Planners

It’s here!!! I know you are all waiting with bated breath to find out what the 2015 Starbucks planners look like. This is the 12th edition of the planners since it began. You’re getting first dibs before it comes out next week. Take your first glimpse!

Presenting the 2015 Starbucks planners with matching Starbucks double-sided pens!

Each planner is wrapped in a water-resistant apron cloth cover (green, black, red and brown). Just imagine that each planner cover has the exact same apron cloth that Starbucks baristas actually use. The planner also comes with a name tag bookmark, a coffee pin bookmark and a chalk pen with highlighter. One end of the pen has a chalk nib so you can write your name on the name tag bookmark to personalize it. The other end is a thick highlighter nib which smells like coffee. Really nice touch!

My favorite of the 4 – an embroidered version of the Starbucks siren

World Map of the Coffee Belt

A page spread for memories, complete with stickers

Monthly summary page

15 coupons to make you enjoy even more Starbucks goodness

How to get your 2015 Starbucks planner:

1. Get your Starbucks Christmas Traditions promo card from Nov. 3, 2014 to Jan. 8, 2015.
2. 18 stickers (9 Christmas beverages, 9 core handcrafted beverages) are needed to redeem one 2015 Starbucks planner.
3. A shortcut way to redeem it without filling up the promo card with stickers is through a single-purchase receipt worth PhP 7,000 of Starbucks merchandise, whole beans or VIA latte. (Note: This is a change from last year. Starting this year, you can’t get the planner via bulk purchases of gift certificates or Starbucks card load/reload.)
4. Redemption of the 2015 Starbucks planner is from Nov. 3, 2014 to March 8, 2015 at Starbucks stores within the Philippines only.

The first Starbucks Mini Card and 2 Christmas Starbucks cards

The Starbucks Mini Card (center) beside the two 2014 Starbucks cards

A first in the Philippines is a Starbucks mini card that has all the features of the regular-sized cards. This is a true collectible because only a limited number of such cards are going to be available. It comes with a tiny strap allowing many ways of carrying it, including as a mobile phone hanging decor. The mini card is available at a slightly higher consumable load of PhP 500 because of limited supply and the expected demand for it as a collectible. I’m sure this isn’t a problem for regular Starbucks lovers.

Available at an initial consumable load of PhP 500

The two regular-sized Christmas Starbucks cards feature a holiday tree and a snowman. These are similar to last year’s Christmas themed Starbucks card but redrawn in a different way.

The two Christmas 2014 Starbucks cards, available at initial consumable load of PhP 300

Starbucks Card Activation Promo (Nov. 3-5, 2014)

Here are the mechanics from Starbucks:

1. NOTE: This promo runs only from November 3 to 5, 2014 in all Starbucks stores in the Philippines.

2. Customers who activate a new Starbucks Card within this promo period with at least PhP 1,500 gets an additional PhP 300 load.

3. This promo applies only to newly activated Starbucks Cards (any design, including mini card). Reloaded Starbucks Cards are NOT included.

4. Customers cannot use a Starbucks Card or Gift Certificate to activate a Starbucks Card.

5. There is no limit to the number of Starbucks Cards a customer can activate.

6. The additional PhP 300 load must be loaded on the same Starbucks Card activated.

7. If a customer would like to activate a Starbucks Card with PhP 10,000, the customer should only shoulder the cost of PhP 9,700; the PhP 300 balance will be complimentary.

8. This promo cannot be availed in conjunction with other promotions.

Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 3670 Series of 2014

Starbucks Card Gift Pack (Dec. 1-3, 2014)

Do your Christmas shopping from December 1 to 3, 2014 in all Starbucks stores in the Philippines!

Starbucks cards now come in gift packs of six (6), each loaded with PhP 300 and selling at a special price of PhP 1,500 within the promo period. Each pack of 6 includes the following designs:

  • Holiday Tree Card
  • Snowman Card
  • Philippine Eagle Card
  • Cold Cups Card
  • Coffee Cups Card (2 pcs)

Starbucks Cards within a gift pack cannot be sold individually or interchanged with other designs. A Starbucks Card or Gift Certificate also cannot be used to purchase a gift pack.

To load a higher amount on each Starbucks Card, the gift pack must be purchased first, then reloaded in a separate transaction. This promo cannot be availed of with other promotions or discounts. (Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 3668 Series of 2014)

Starbucks Christmas Merchandise

From November 10 to December 7, 2014, select Christmas merchandise will be featured with different offers each week. Time your Christmas shopping to take advantage of the promos and discounts.

See the table below for the different weekly promos:

Note that this promo can’t be combined with other offers or discounts and are only valid in Starbucks stores in the Philippines. (Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit No. 3672 Series of 2014)


Get this Starbucks Collectible – The First Edition Philippine Starbucks Card

This is one you would not want to miss at all!

Mark the date – July 29, 2014!

In celebration of the Starbucks card’s 1st anniversary, the Philippines is issuing its FIRST EDITION Philippine Starbucks card! Yup, this is our very own country Starbucks card which you won’t be able to get anywhere else in the world but HERE! It’s a real collectible especially for people like me who have began collecting the cards. In a way, it’s also historical, being the first ever Philippine-issued card.

Inspired by our very own Filipino culture and designed just for us, the card features our very own Philippine eagle against a background that looks like our banig (native mat).

In addition, there is an available customized Starbucks tumbler with the very same matching design.

There are limited days to avail of special promos when you buy the Philippine Starbucks card, 1st edition or its matching tumbler, or both. Here goes:

* From July 29-31, 2014 (3 DAYS ONLY!), customers who activate a Philippine Starbucks card with at least PhP 1,500 will get an ADDITIONAL PhP 300 load.

* From July 29-Aug. 31, 2014, every purchase of a Philippine Starbucks Card tumbler (PhP 565) using a Philippine Starbucks card gets one free tall handcrafted beverage.

And here’s one more promo, just because it’s Starbucks Card’s 1st anniversary. On Aug. 7, 2014, all handcrafted beverages purchased using ANY Starbucks card get a complimentary UPSIZE!


Sneak Preview of the Starbucks 2014 Planners and the Christmas Starbucks Card

It’s that time of the year once more! Starbucks will be releasing its Limited Edition 2014 Starbucks Philippines Planners this coming November 2, 2013. This 11th edition set of 4 planners is truly one that you would not want to miss collecting.

This year’s theme is “Coffee Perfection” and many details incorporated into the planner echo the theme.

The 4 planners feature leather covers and come in yellow, brown, magenta and black. These 4 shades were specifically chosen as they correspond to Starbucks’ coffee blends.

The yellow planner was inspired by the Blonde Willow Blend; the brown planner was inspired by the Medium Colombia Blend; and the magenta planner was inspired by the Dark Komodo Dragon Blend. These three blends are already available in the Philippines.

The black planner was inspired by the blend called Starbucks Reserve (available so far in Thailand and Singapore only) and is in limited quantity for now. The beans are exotic, rare, specially picked and roasted.

Starbucks Reserve Coffee (screenshot from Starbucks website)

Look at the artwork in each of the coffee blends. Then turn each planner over and carefully look at the embossed back cover. You will spot the same artwork incorporated into the back cover’s design.

Size-wise, they are about the same as last year’s. A magnetic clasp keeps the planners closed.

What are some of the new or improved features of this planner aside from the roast profiles?

* Signature bookmarks – Each planner also comes with its own signature bookmark and stands for something connected to Starbucks — a coffee bean for the yellow, a house (House Blend) for the brown, a vinta (Kape Vinta) for magenta, and the Starbucks cup for the black.

Each colored planner with its own signature bookmark

* QR codes – Starbucks has gone digital. On some pages with pictures depicting Starbucks stories, you will find a QR code at a corner. Scan that with a scanning app and if you are online, you will be redirected to a Starbucks video that expounds on what the printed story is all about! I can’t wait to try that one out.

The QR code

How QR code looks on a story page

* Coffee stickers – A Starbucks survey showed that most planner users love stickers so they introduced coffee stickers reflecting the blends being featured.

* Coupons, coupons and more coupons – There are now 14 coupons you can use throughout the year to get Starbucks freebies. Last year there were only 13. That’s more than one a month!

How to Get the Starbucks 2014 Planner

If you’ve collected stickers for past planners, you more or less know how this goes. But if you’re a first-time collector of Starbucks stickers for the planner, here is how:

1. Get a promo card from any Starbucks branch.



2. You will need 18 stickers this time (9 Christmas beverages, 9 core beverages), except bottled drinks.

3. Promo is from Nov. 2, 2013-January 8, 2014.

Limited Christmas Starbucks Card Collectibles

Starbucks collectors, this one’s for you!

Starbucks has come up with 2 Christmas designs for its Starbucks card. It will only be available on a very limited basis but works exactly like the classic Starbucks card. One design is a snowman in a forest on a wintry day and the other design is a golden Christmas tree against a red backdrop.

Starbucks Leather Card Cases
For the first time also, leather card cases are available in colors matching the four 2014 planners. Mind you, these are not synthetic leather cases. I held them up to my nose and smelled REAL LEATHER!
Now, take note of this because it is only good for 3 DAYS!
From Nov. 4-6, 2013, just buy a Christmas Starbucks card and top it up with P1,500 and you get a FREE leather card case of your choice (subject to availability of color at the branch). For those who would rather not get the leather card case (but why won’t you???), you can get P300 FREE extra load on top of your P1,500. Remember, just these 3 days.

And here’s one more tip…

You get the most value if you use your Starbucks card when purchasing a beverage. Why? Because not only do you get a sticker towards the planner but you also earn a star towards a future free beverage once you accumulate the needed number of stars.

Happy collecting!!!


Get Your Starbucks Card: A Stored Value and Loyalty Card Rolled into One

(Updated Aug. 8, 2013)


The Starbucks Card is finally here in the Philippines. Now you need not carry cash when buying beverages, food and Starbucks items because all that can be bought with the card. The Starbucks card is being introduced with a dual feature. It’s both a stored value card as well as a loyalty card which earns you rewards points every time you purchase a Starbucks handcrafted beverage, 250g of whole bean coffee, or 12-pack Starbucks VIA Ready Brew.

My Starbucks card

Here are answers to some of your questions:

How do I get the Starbucks Card?

Just go to any Starbucks branch nationwide. The card needs to have an initial load of P300 (cash, debit card, credit card) for it to be activated. Future reloads can be as low as P100 only and the card can have a maximum stored value of P10,000. Activation of the card can be done by visiting

Customers with activated cards immediately get a complimentary GRANDE handcrafted beverage (valid for 60 days from the time it is given) and will get a FREE slice of cake every year on their birthday AFTER the purchase of a handcrafted beverage (valid for 60 days from birth date).

How does it work as a loyalty card as well?

Stars are the “currency” of the Starbucks card. You earn 1 star with every purchase of any handcrafted beverage, 250g of whole bean coffee, or 12-pack Starbucks VIA Ready Brew. (Note: The type of star you earn depends on what you buy. If you purchase a beverage, you get a Beverage star; purchase whole bean coffee and get a Whole Bean star; and purchase Starbucks Via Ready Brew to get a Starbucks VIA star)

What can I redeem with my stars?

Here’s what you can redeem with your stars:

* 12 Beverage stars = Any Grande handcrafted beverage
* 10 Whole Bean stars = Any 250g of whole bean coffee
* 10 Starbucks Via stars = Any 12-pack Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew

Is there any expiration of my load or stars?

Your Starbucks card’s load has NO expiration because that represents your money; however, if the card maintains a ZERO balance for 3 years, the card will expire also after that period as it is presumed you no longer have any interest to top up the load. Stars expire every March 1 of the calendar year following the year when stars were earned. To illustrate, all stars earned from today, Aug. 7, 2013 till Dec. 31, 2013 expire March 1, 2014.

What happens if I lose my Starbucks card?

You are protected from card loss if you register your Starbucks card online. You can track your 90-day history, protect your balance and even register up to 10 Starbucks cards under 1 account. All pooled cards mean you only need to remember 1 amount for load and stars.

What else do I need to know?

I asked the Loyalty Manager of Starbucks if beverage purchases during the promo for the Christmas planners also count towards stars. The answer is YES!!!

One more thing. This Starbucks card is only good within the Philippines. Conversely, any Starbucks card you may own from another country CANNOT be used in the Philippines.

Promo from Aug. 7-9, 2013

Here’s good news for all those getting Starbucks cards. For 3 days (Aug. 7-9, 2013), load up your Starbucks card with P1,500 and you get a P1,800 value. That’s an EXTRA P300 value for you. Sulit!

Go get your Starbucks card now and find out how much more convenient it is to enjoy Starbucks food, beverages and items.