‘Tis the Sip ‘N Go Season at Starbucks with new beverages and a promo!

This summer is just one of the hottest I’ve ever experienced. Good thing there are a few things that go well with the hot summer and that includes two of the latest frappes from Starbucks.

They’re introducing the Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino and the Caramel Triple Coffee Jelly Frappuccino till July 27, 2015.

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Starbucks opens 2015 with a bang — espresso beverages, food items, Starbucks cards, and promos

Starbucks is indeed beginning the new year with a loud bang as they have so many new things in the offing for all of us.

Read all the way to the end because they have ongoing and upcoming promos that you won’t want to miss.


Two new whole bean coffee variants are being offered for the period indicated.

South of the Clouds, PhP 495

South of the Clouds comes in the nick of time and appropriate for the upcoming Chinese New Year. It’s a blend that includes coffee from China’s Yunnan province in the Baoshan region. I have this variant and can’t wait to have the barista grind this just in time to ring in the Chinese New Year.

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Enjoy Starbucks Latte Mmm-oments (with a raffle!)

Before anything else, new seasonal lattes are here again! Hot or cold, these 2 lattes are sure to be enjoyable so I’m trying them next time I go to Starbucks.

French Vanilla Latte

The French Vanilla Latte is the first one I want to try because vanilla has always been a favorite flavor of mine. Just imagine the Espresso Roast complemented by steamed milk and creamy French Vanilla sauce with mild custard notes. The beverage is topped with whipped cream, vanilla bean specks and dark chocolate curls.

Dark Caramel Latte

The Dark Caramel Latte is espresso, steamed milk, and creamy dark caramel sauce topped with whipped cream and a custardy caramel flan drizzle.

And there’s more! How would you like a chance to win 30 days of Starbucks Mmm-oments?

How to join: Just purchase a pack of Starbucks VIA® Latte with your registered Starbucks Card and earn a chance to win a one month treat of your favorite handcrafted beverage. You have 3 flavor options:


  • The Starbucks VIA® Latte Raffle Promo will run from October 15 to 31, 2014
  • To join the promo, customers must purchase any 4-pack Starbucks VIA® Latte using a registered Starbucks Card within the promo period
  • Every valid purchase of a 4-pack Starbucks VIA® Latte will automatically earn one (1) raffle entry. 
  • There is no limit to the number of raffle entries a customer can earn. 
  • There will be ten (10) winners in the raffle draw. Each winner will receive thirty (30) Tall beverage coupons applicable on any handcrafted beverage. 
  • Customers can only win once in the raffle draw. 
  • The raffle draw will be done electronically through a random generator program. The raffle draw will be held on November 3, 2014 in the Rustan Coffee Corporation’s Head Office in Makati City at 5pm. 
  • The winners will be notified through registered mail declaring him/her as a winner. Name of winners will be announced in the Starbucks Philippine Facebook fanpage at
  • All employees of Rustan Coffee Corporation and Rustan Group of Companies including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promotion.

How winners claim prize:

Mega-Manila winners

Winners must visit Rustan Coffee Corporation (G/F Urban Bldg. 405 Sen.Gil Puyat Ave., Makati City) and look for Ms. Jamie Silva to claim their prize.

Provincial winners

Prizes of provincial winners will be sent through courier.

Important reminders for claiming

  • To claim the prize, the winner must present a valid ID and the verification letter. Claiming period is within 60 days from receipt of registered notice. 
  • Unclaimed Tall beverage coupons after the claiming period will be forfeited. 
  • Redemption period of Tall beverage coupon is valid in all Starbucks stores nationwide from November 4, 2014 to December 31, 2015. 

Per DTI-FTEB SPD Permit #3224, Series of 2014.


Starbucks Food and Beverages beginning July 29, 2014

Starting July 29, 2014, Starbucks is introducing a new set of food items, lunch sandwiches and beverages.

For starters, lets check out the lunch sandwiches.

Roasted Chicken Pesto and Shiitake Mushroom on Ciabatta Bread (PhP 165)

This warm sandwich is made of juicy chicken breast fillet tossed with pesto mayo sauce, Shiitake mushroom and melted Emmenthal and cheddar cheese in between Ciabatta bread.

Ratatouille on Cheese Semolina Bread (PhP 160)

Vegetarians, this is for you!

This warm, crusty multigrain bread is stuffed with cheese, spinach, tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, Shiitake, and portobello mushrooms, garlic and onions.

Tuna Melt on Dark Multi-Grain Bread (PhP 175)

My personal favorite! I would really recommend that you try this one. Inside the toasted dark wheat bread is healthy classic tuna dill salad (tuna is also called “brain food”), slices of hard-boiled egg, and creamy melted cheese.

Sausage and Peppers Caserole on Cornmeal Bread (PhP 170)

Sliced sausages and bell peppers cooked in tomato Italian sauce is topped with cheddar cheese and spread inside cornmeal bread.

Ham and Egg Salad on Challah Bread (PhP 175)

Inside this Challah bread topped with sesame seeds are juicy slices of ham, tomatoes and creamy, tangy egg salad. I love egg salad so next to the Tuna Melt, this is my sandwich of choice.

Grilled Ham and Three Cheese on Whole Wheat Bread (PhP 175)

A returning favorite, those who missed this will welcome back this grilled cheese sandwich containing 3 different kinds of cheeses: Emmenthal, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese) and juicy sliced ham. Italian herbed butter subtly seasons the whole wheat bread.

Now, let’s see the new dessert concoctions and food items…

Mango Coconut Sans Rival Cake (Slice – PhP 125; Whole – PhP 1,150)

The combination of sweet and smooth mango butter cream icing is combined with toasted coconut shards and three layers of crunchy and chewy meringue wafer.

Double Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookie (PhP 60)

A must try as far as I’m concerned, this dessert is made of chewy chocolate cookie liberally studded with roasted walnuts, chunks of dark and milk chocolate, gooey caramel squares and finished with a dash of sea salt.  This is a perfect snack any time of the day.

Bacon Parmesan Stromboli (PhP 120)

This is a golden brown, crispy, flaky and buttery pastry crust filled with bacon, tomato, parmesan and mozzarella cheese and topped with chopped parsley.

Chicken Tex-Mex Wrap (PhP 170)

Enjoy a warm, soft tortilla filled with chicken breast fillet, roasted squash, corn, red beans, and finished with pimiento dressing and freshly chopped cilantro.

And of course, there are the new beverages (till September 15, 2014 only!)

Tiramisu Frappuccino

Tall – PhP 180; Grande – PhP 190; Venti – PhP 200

This frappe features blended coffee flavored with Tiramisu sauce then topped with bits of biscuits, cheesecake-inspired whipped cream, Tiramisu sauce drizzle and a dusting of cocoa powder.

Banana Raspberry Frappuccino

Grande – PhP 170; Venti – PhP 180

This got me at “FRUITS!!!” The Banana Raspberry frappe Raspberry Blackcurrant juice with milk and a freshly peeled banana. Just the right beverage for one like me who chooses healthy.


It’s not too late to catch this season’s Starbucks beverages and desserts!

I just realized that I only have till November 1, 2013 to catch this season’s beverages!

BEVERAGES (till Nov. 1, 2013)

Ristretto Bianco

Ristretto Blanco (Tall-PhP 145; Grande-PhP 160; Venti-PhP 170)
Ristretto Blanco is new in the espresso line-up. It’s a rich, smooth and velvety beverage. Ristretto shots are created by forcing less water through the coffee. This results in a fuller-bodied shot with a deep coffee flavor. Steamed whole milk creates the foam and it is poured in such a way that it ends with that white dot finish you see. 

Salted Caramel Mocha (Tall-PhP 150; Grande-PhP 165; Venti-PhP 175)

From salted caramel ice cream to salted caramel-flavored milk tea and now to Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Mocha, one enjoys this unique blend of sweet and salty. This concoction is made from a creamy mix of espresso with velvety steamed milk, blended with mocha sauce and toffee nut flavored syrup. It’s finished off with a topping of whipped cream, buttery caramel sauce, and a mixture of turbinado sugar as well as smoked sea salt. This description is enough for me to want to go out and get one. I just might do that in the coming days.

What are beverages without matching dessert? Take your pick from these 3 returning favorite dessert items.
Blueberry-licious Cheesecake
Blueberry-licious Cheesecake (Slice-PhP 130; Whole-PhP 1,450)
Blueberry cheesecakes are one of my favorites. This Blueberry-licious Cheesecake is topped with sweet and tangy blueberries over a very light cheesecake.
Butterscotch Oat Fudge Bar

Butterscotch Oat Fudge Bar, PhP 60
The chewy Butterscotch Oat Fudge Bar is liberally sprinkled with walnut chunks and creamy chocolate ganache. 
Double Chocolate Fudge Bar

Double Chocolate Fudge Bar, PhP 50
Combine dark chocolate fudge bars coupled with chocolate chunks and you get the Double Chocolate Fudge Bar. For me, anything chocolate-y is always the perfect partner of hot coffee.

2013 Midyear Offerings at Starbucks — Beverages, Sandwiches, Desserts and Contests!

It’s the middle of 2013 already and it’s time once again for some things new from Starbucks.

This time, its more exciting because not only are they offering a new concoction of beverages and food items but there are exciting digital contests for Starbucks fans to join.

First, the yummy beverages.

Something’s different with these two frappuccinos you’ll get to try from July 16 to September 9, 2013. Starbucks has introduced a white chocolate pudding as a twist to the usual frappes. I tried both of them and the pudding has the texture of the pudding in the milk teas I’ve tried. But….this one’s white chocolate-y!!!

Dark Mocha (Tall- PhP 190; Grande – PhP 200; Venti – PhP 210)
Green Tea (Tall – PhP 180; Grande – PhP 190; Venti – PhP 200)

The Dark Mocha Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino combines the deep flavor of dark chocolate with the velvety smooth white chocolate pudding, the signature Frappuccino Roast coffee of Starbucks, chocolate chips, milk blended with ice topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder.

The Green Tea White Chocolate Pudding Frappuccino, on the other hand, combines premium green tea with white chocolate pudding for a soft creamy texture, and tops it with whipped cream.

They’re both yummy, trust me. But if I had to recommend which one to try first, it would be the Green Tea variant!

Next come the new Sandwiches and Desserts.

Now that your appetite has been whet by the new beverages, it’s time to check out the food items.

The Spinach Artichoke and Mushroom on Herbed Multi-Grain Bread (PhP 160) is something vegetarians will go for. A warm artisam multi-grain rye bread is stuffed with a blend of cheese, spinach, artichoke, mushrooms, garlic and onions.

A super cheesy grilled sandwich with 6 different kinds of cheeses is in the Bacon and Cheese on Herbed Ciabatta Bread (PhP 165) . A combination of Gruyere, Emmenthal, Provolone, Mozzarella, Feta and Cheddar are mixed in with crispy bacon strips. This is finished off with a seasoning of creamy pesto sauce on herbed ciabatta bread.

A tuna lover? The Tuna and Cheese on Dark Ciabatta Bread (PhP 175) is for you. Inside is a hearty healthy classic tuna dill salad, slices of hardboiled egg and creamy melted cheese.

The Salami and Cheese on Marbled Rye Bread (PhP 165) is a soft and chewy bread, filled with slices of salami, provolone and cheddar cheese.

Available only in Metro Manila outlets is The Clubhouse (PhP 175). This popular sandwich is stuffed with roasted moist chicken breast and pickle relish mixed in mayo mustard dressing, tomatoes, slices of honey ham, bacon and cheese slices on country bread.

A returning favorite is the Roasted Chicken Pesto and Shiitake Mushroom on Flat Bread (PhP 165). You can’t have enough of chicken breast fillet tossed with pesto mayo sauce and Shiitake mushrooms. Melted Emmenthal and cheddar cheese serves as the topping and placed in between grilled flat bread.

The very colorful Outrageous Cheesecake (PhP 130/slice; PhP 1,450 whole) is actually a rich, creamy cheesecake filled with bits of mangoes, blueberries and strawberries. These fruits are also generously used to decorate the top of the cheesecake together with white chocolate snowflakes. It looks like an early Christmas dessert!

You know cookies. What about a cookie SANDWICH? Starbucks took two soft and chewy cookies and made them the sandwich ends with Belgian chocolate chunks and roasted marshmallow cream icing in between. That is what the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich (PhP 80) is made of. Great with any Starbucks drink!

The Beef and Mushroom Pie (PhP 95) on the outside is a golden brown, flaky and buttery pastry crust (almost like a croissant). But on the inside there are tender beef strips, sliced mushrooms, carrots and creamy mashed potatoes. Biting into this is more like a surprise because you can’t seem to tell from the outside what it is you’ll discover upon eating it.

I’m a fan of warm, soft pita bread so the Greek Chicken Wrap (PhP 170) is something that appeals to me – filled with tender chicken breast fillet and flavored with roasted fresh zucchini, tomatoes, bell pepper, sliced black olives and drizzled with sour cream.

And there’s more! Here are 3 digital activities that can win you Starbucks items and merchandise! Read on…

#1: Facebook App: Snap of the Week

This runs from July 16 to August 8, 2013. Remember Starbucks’ Snap of the Week activity before? This time they’ll run it including the new beverages. Starbucks fans need to upload photos based on a weekly theme using the Facebook application. Chosen photos will be winners of various Starbucks items and merchandise.

#2: Instagram #StarbucksCoffeeJourney Photo Contest

From August 15-31, 2013, Instagram followers (Philippine residents only) can upload a photo of themselves with Starbucks’ featured beverages anywhere in the Philippines using the hashtag #StarbucksCoffeeJourney. Chosen photos will be awarded a Starbucks item.

#3: Blog Contest

All bloggers can join this one. All they need to do is write a blog post on the featured beverages. The chosen blogger will be featured in the Starbucks Facebook page and will be given Starbucks prizes he/she can use for his/her own contest. This contest will run from July 16-31, 2013. Four (4) winners will be chosen and featured each week. For more detailed mechanics, visit their Facebook page.


Starbucks brings back the favorites

From May 15 to July 14, 2013, Starbucks is bringing back two (2) of its favorite beverages for everyone to enjoy this summer.

Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino Blended Beverage

(Tall-PhP 170; Grande-PhP 180; Venti-PhP 190)
Start with Starbucks’ Frappuccino Roasted Coffee, add in chocolate cookie bits, and you get a twist on the classic Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee. Rich mocha sauce, vanilla syrup, milk and ice make up the basic recipe and the whole beverage is topped off with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and a cookie crumble topping.
Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino Blended Beverage
(Tall-PhP 160; Grande-PhP 170; Venti-PhP 180)
The combination of red beans and green tea bring an Asian flavor to blended beverage. This one combines whole kernels of red azuki beans and matcha, a finely milled green tea variant which is the most superior form of all green teas in Japan.

Catch them both this summer at your favorite Starbucks branch.


Barista for a Night with Starbucks Refreshers…and more

What happens when a blogger is turned into a barista for one night?

She is given a Starbucks cap, an apron and her very own barista badge, that’s what!

And that’s exactly what I got one Starbucks-y night when we were introduced to the latest Starbucks Refreshers as well as to eight (8) new food offerings.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s begin with the beverages.

Starbucks Refreshers

Starbucks is bringing in a new form of beverages. One is called Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers while the other is Cool Lime Starbucks Refreshers.

Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers Beverage
(Tall-PhP115, Grande-PhP125, Venti-PhP135)

Cool Lime Starbucks Refreshers Beverage
(Tall-PhP115, Grande-PhP125, Venti-PhP135)

At first, I thought: Oh they’re introducing juices now in the coffeeshop? But as it turns out, the Starbucks Refreshers are different from the juices in other cafes because this one is still made of COFFEE! You read that right.

Here’s how it’s done.

Green coffee beans

All coffee starts as a coffee cherry with a green coffee bean in the center. These beans are normally roasted to bring out the bold and distinctive coffee flavors. But in the case of Starbucks Refreshers, the caffeine natural found in 100% UNROASTED arabica coffee beans is extracted and made into a flavored beverage base that becomes the foundation of the Starbucks Refreshers

Flavored Beverage Base

And for the first time in Starbucks beverages, REAL FRUIT is combined. In the case of the Very Berry Hibiscus Refreshers Beverage, whole blackberries are added while in Cool Lime Refreshers it is, of course, lime!

Instead of serving the beverages directly to us, the Starbucks team decided to make us baristas for a night and actually taught us how to prepare the Refreshers. Armed with my own Starbucks cap, pink apron (my favorite color!), and my very own barista badge, I was ready to make my own Cool Lime!

Take a measured portion of the lime flavored beverage base
Add a slice of fresh lime and some ice. Cover the tumbler. Then shake, shake, shake…

And voila! I made my own Cool Lime Refresher!

Refreshment Tumbler Promo

Here’s a way to get a complimentary Tall Starbucks Refreshers Beverage. Just purchase one of the 16-oz customizable Cold Cup Tumblers (with a flat lid and dome lid) and you get the beverage free. This promo is good till September 10, 2012 only.

New Starbucks Hot Lunch Sandwiches
Starbucks regularly puts out new food items. In fact, they just had a new batch of items a few months back. Sorry folks, those items are gone but there are now new ones that could become your favorites too. Here they are:

Starbucks Deli on French Bread (PhP 160)

A returning favorite, Starbucks Deli on French Bread consists of square ham, florentiner, mortadella, chicken ham, lyoner, meatloaf, beef pastrami, beef salami and emmenthal garnished with mustard, mayo, pickles and chopped onions all inside a soft French bread.

Falafel on Pita Bread (PhP 150)

Falafel on Pita Bread is a Middle Eastern staple street food. Inside the soft, chewy pita bread are crispy falafel patties, grilled sliced eggplant with hummus and yogurt sauce drizzled over it. Vegetarians, this is for you!

Creamy Egg Salad on Whole Wheat Granny Loaf (PhP 150)

I love creamy egg salad in itself or as a sandwich. In this version of Creamy Egg Salad on Whole Wheat Granny Loaf, bits of cheddar cheese, lettuce, dill and a bit of creamy cheese sauce are mixed together to produce this egg salad. Packed between whole-wheat bread, it makes for a very filling (and healthy) meal.

Classic Tuna Dill on Ciabatta Bread (PhP 160)
(Available in limited areas only)

The Classic Tuna Dill on Ciabatta Bread is only available in certain places: Baguio, Boracay, Bacolod, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, Iloilo and Naga. Inside the crusty Ciabatta Bread are tuna chunks mixed with chopped celery and carrots with tangy and sweet honey mustard dressing with a slight hint of dill. These are topped with hard-boiled eggs, slices of cheddar and emmenthal cheese. Too bad this is not available in Metro Manila!

Classic Tuna Dill Melt (PhP 160)
(NOT AVAILABLE in certain areas)

This is the alternative to those in areas where the classic Tuna Dill on Ciabatta Bread is not available. The Classic Tuna Dill Melt is the classic tuna dill salad with slices of hardboiled egg and creamy melted cheese on rye bread, topped with melted mozzarella cheese with a dash of Spanish paprika.

It’s Just Cheese! (PhP 155)
There are people who love cheese so much so here it is. It’s Just Cheese! is just that. All cheese. But it’s not just plain cheddar cheese. This grilled cheese sandwich is a mix of 9 kinds of cheeses: Gruyere, Emmenthal, Feta, Provolone, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Edam, Gouda and Monterey Jack. How much cheesier can a grilled cheese sandwich get?
Roasted Chicken Pesto and Shiitake Mushroom on Flat Bread (PhP 155)

The grilled flat bread looked like huge pieces of thick crackers (not good for me because I cannot bite down on hard crackers with my front teeth). So I am not sure if I prefer to eat it this way as it seems very crumbly to eat. I actually prefer soft bread or tortillas. But taste-wise, the combination of chicken breast fillet tossed with pesto mayo sauce plus the Shiitake mushroom topped with melted Emmenthal and cheddar cheese was just yummy. When you order this, have them serve it up warm.

Zesty Chicken with Bacon Caesar Dressing on Focaccia Bread (PhP 160)

Softly crisped focacia bread becomes the sandwich ends of the Zesty Chicken with Bacon Caesar Dressing on Focaccia Bread. Chicken breast fillet drizzled with a bacon caesar salad dressing and topped with parmesan cheese that has been shaved is what this is all about.

All these lunch sandwiches have been available since July 31.
Starbucks Food Items (Limited Period)
Also available since July 31 but only for a limited period of time are the following:
Rocky Road Cake (PhP 140/slice; PhP 1,495 whole)
It’s not an ice cream. It’s a cake! Rocky Road Cake still maintains that decadent chocolate flavor but this time, the chocolate pudding studded with roasted walnuts, soft marshmallows and chocolate chunks covered in dark chocolate ganache are found in between layers of sponge cakes. The final touch is marshmallows and walnuts on top, drizzled with chocolate. Personally, I prefer this cake version over the ice cream version.

Mocha Silvana (PhP 95)

If you’re a Silvana lover, Mocha Silvana delivers. I always had smaller portioned silvanas so seeing how huge this one was really blew me away. It’s got a mocha buttercream icing sandwiched between two crunchy and chewy meringue cookies. There’s a generous sprinkling of crushed roasted almonds and dark chocolate bits on top to completely cover the silvana. This yummy dessert is so large that for some like me, it’s “to-share”!

Wild Mushroom and Emmenthal Cheese on French Butter Croissant (PhP 120)

Vegetarians, heads-up once more because this is for you. And for anyone looking for something healthy. Wild Mushroom and Emmenthal Cheese on French Butter Croissant combines the meaty, flavorful texture of button, shiitake and portabello mushrooms on a layer of melted emmenthal cheese inside a soft, flaky butter croissant. This is going to be my croissant of choice when I go to Starbucks!

Seafood Po’ Boy Wrap (PhP 160)

Taken from a New Orleans favorite, Seafood Po’ Boy Wrap is fried fish and shrimps and sauteed vegetables drizzled with Cajun sauce and sprinkled with mozzarella cheese, then wrapped in a tortilla. Tortilla wraps have come a long way from just Mexican innards, I think, with this one.


Asian Frappuccino Blended Beverages and more at Starbucks

In my last Starbucks event we were asked to guess what the upcoming Asian Frappuccino blended beverages would be. Many guesses later, it’s finally here — the Starbucks’ versions of the now popular milk teas in the country – Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino and the Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino.

Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino

Hojicha, a kind of Japanese roasted tea, is combined with Starbucks’ Tazo Earl Grey tea-infused jelly in the Hojicha Tea Jelly Frappuccino. You get to taste the nutty and toasty hojicha i addition to the earl grey jelly bits.

Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino

The Red Bean Green Tea Frappuccino is a blend of whole kernels of red azuki beans and matcha. Matcha is one of the best green tea forms in Japan and is finely milled so that you get that matcha flavor together with the sweetness of the azuki beans.

Both frappuccinos go for PhP 155 (tall), PhP 165 (Grande) and PhP 175 (Venti).

And that’s not all. Starbucks introduces a line of new food items – their second new batch for 2012.

Green Tea and Berry Cheesecake (PhP 140)

Green Tea and Berry Cheesecake has blueberries sitting on a crispy walnut crust. It’s topped with white chocolate ganache curls. My cheesecake girl is sure to go for this first.

Purple Yam Cake with Macapuno and Red Bean (PhP 110)

The Purple Yam Cake with Macapuno and Red Bean sounds like a combination of Filipino desserts. You’ve got 3 layers of purple yam chiffon cake with macapuno strips and red bean mixed into it. Between the layers are purple yam buttercream icing with sprinkles as an added touch on top.

Beef and Mushroom Pie (PhP 95)

Pie lovers will go for the Beef and Mushroom Pie – beef strips, sliced mushrooms, carrots and fresh mashed potatoes inside a flaky, buttery pastry crust baked to a golden brown.

Bacon and Cheese on Italian Country Bread (PhP 150)

Bacon and Cheese on Italian Country Bread is for the open-faced sandwich lovers. It’s a cheesy mix of 6 cheeses: Gruyere, Emmenthal, Provolone, Mozzarella, Feta and Cheddar) mixed in with crispy bacon strips.

Chicken Parmigiana Wrap (PhP 150)

Chewy pita bread filled with chicken breast fillet, sliced eggplant and drizzled with Italian tomato sauce and grated cheese is what Chicken Parmigiana Wrap is all about.

Lastly, there’s a new roast blend out. The Three Region Blend combines beans from three coffee-growing regions: Latin America, Africa/Arabia and Asia Pacific. It’s herbal, lemon and current notes all in one.


Starbucks: New Food and Beverage Items for 2012

Starbucks is known for constantly innovating on old favorites and coming up with new food and beverage items and here they are again with their 2012 lineup:

Cookie Crumble Cheesecake with Chips Ahoy (PhP 130)

This Cookie Crumble Cheesecake with Chips Ahoy comes loaded with chunky, moist and chewy Chips Ahoy cookies and chocolate chips baked on Chips Ahoy cookie crumbs.

Sausage Pizza Roll (PhP 95)

How the Sausage Pizza Roll looks on the inside

The Sausage Pizza Roll is a nice twist to the hotdog sandwich. The smoked frankfurter is enclosed in a golden brown, flaky and buttery pastry crust instead of the hotdog bun. That alone was a winner for me. Biting into it, you also taste the creamy cheese pizza sauce drizzled over the frankfurter. This one is best when served warm.

Fish and Chips Wrap (PhP 150)

My favorite of the lot – the Fish and Chips Wrap. I guess it’s because I loved the idea of a tortilla wrap. The surprise though was when I bit into it. Not only did I encounter a moist and juicy fish fillet but with it came herbed potato wedges. That is something you should try. Fish and Chips normally have you eating the chips separately while here, you eat the fish and chips TOGETHER! It’s quite a gustatory experience. This is best eaten warm too.

Chicken Grape Almond Salad on Classic Ciabatta Bread (PhP 150)

The Chicken Grape Almond Salad on Classic Ciabatta Bread is a lot of things – crunchy, tart, sweet and tangy. Chicken, grapes, celery, roasted chopped almonds, and sliced sundried tomatoes are held together with lemon mayo sauce. You can taste hints of tarragon and sliced Emmenthal cheese on crusty Ciabatta bread.

Whoopie Pie (PhP 75)

Giving a new twist to an old favorite – the Whoopie Pie now has two googly eyes! This dessert is made of two soft, large, fudgy dark chocolate cookie cakes filled with fluffy, roasted marshmallow cream icing with chocolate chips.

And now for the beverages!

Starbucks’ featured new beverage is the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino Blended Beverage – a combination of chocolate cookie bits with their signature Frappuccino Roast coffee – a twist on the classic Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee. It’s made with mocha sauce, vanilla syrup, milk and ice, and finished off with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and a cookie crumble topping.

Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino
Tall – PhP 165; Grande – PhP 175; Venti – PhP 185
Another favorite blended beverage is the Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino. This one, made with strawberry sauce, milk, blended with ice and topped with whipped cream can actually be ordered without whipped cream and can be made with a choice of whole milk, non-fat milk or soy milk.
Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino
Tall – PhP 155; Grande – PhP 165; Venti – PhP 175