Dunlopillo mattresses help Moms cope with lack of sleep

Moms can relate to this — taking care of our children and our family is a 24/7 task and many times, we lose a lot of sleep. Whether it is the demands of a breastfeeding baby, caregiving a sick kid, helping schooling kids, and attending to a million and one other things that mothers do, we know that sleep becomes a very precious commodity.

And where do we spend at least 1/3 of our lives? IN BED!!!
That means our choice of mattress is not just important. It can be life-changing!!!
At an intimate gathering of mommy friends, we met some celebrity moms — model-turned-Mom Kelly Misa, blogger Cat Arambulo, and host/emcee Patty Laurel — who shared their experience with their young ones and how important a choice of mattress was to help them cope with lack of sleep. Top of mind for them – Dunlopillo.
(L-R): Kelly Misa, Cat Arambulo, and Patty Laurel

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