Gabay Guro’s 9th year continues to give tribute to our dear teachers

Teaching is a noble profession. Hearts, minds and character are formed by teachers.  Next to my parents, I owe a lot of who I am now to some of the best teachers I have had. They have not just taught their subject matter well but in encounters outside the classroom, they have shared their thoughts with me. Much of what I do now is inspired by their words.

To this day, we find inspiring stories of teachers who brave dangers, walk several kilometers each day, wade through rivers, and climb steep mountains just to get to their schools where children are eager to learn.

It is but fitting that we find ways to pay tribute to our unsung heroes who often stay unnamed. Nine years ago, a small group of PLDT executives met over coffee to discuss an advocacy for teachers that would become a catalyst for change in the lives of teachers. Gabay Guro was born and became the CSR arm under the PLDT-Smart Foundation. It continues to thrive on the spirit of volunteerism from its PLDT and Smart executives.

PLDT Gabay Guro executive volunteers Gary Dujali and Chaye Cabal-Revilla

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PLDT-Smart opens Jump Experience Center at Megamall

There’s a new place you should not miss when you’re at SM Megamall. PLDT and Smart just opened JUMP, its new Experience Center to showcase the PLDT Group’s latest devices, services and technologies. And it is a fun place for the entire family, for all ages.

Bloggers were able to experience what you’d see when you go to JUMP. Here’s a schematic of the entire place.

1. Jump Avatar
The first thing that greets you at the entrance is the Jump Avatar station. On one of three large touchscreens, I was able to go through a series of questions like what type of personality I had, type of music, etc. My face, superimposed on a facial shape, plus my answers, were used to generate a dancing avatar. Then using the same touchscreen, I entered my email so that my avatar could be sent to me. Here’s how my final avatar looked:

The interactive touchscreens also allows visitors to explore the various promos and services.

2. Springboard

Looking like a conference room with tables and chairs, Springboard is a private space where workshops will be held to educate consumers on the hottest gadgets, promos and services; training sessions on using the gadgets being offered; and is being made available to developers, bloggers and other tech groups for meet-ups, tweet-ups and tech-related meetings. Even students will love to come visit!

3. Customer Service/Jump Squad

This section is where customers can get assistance from a squad of men and women who are tasked to render service.

4. Panorama

A full 82 inches of an interactive, multi-touch screen allows you to navigate through various menus to learn about the PLDT Group, the services, the handsets and something that will excite kids and adults alike…

A-N-G-R-Y  B-I-R-D-S!!!!!

Bloggers were invited to try the game out on the humongous screen. Here’s Flow’s winning form.

5. Arena

Aptly called, this area is for those who not only want to explore products, services and gadgets/handsets but also want to play. Two multi-touch screens mounted so that they look like table tops are on each end of the Arena. Capable of accommodating 32 fingers (equivalent to 4 people using it simultaneously), JUMP visitors can spend time playing games on it with friends.

A raised, circular dais in the Arena also features pedestals showing the latest handsets and gadgets which you can try out. The dais also serves as a place for events and comfortable upholstered stools and couches in candy colors scattered in front of the dais make a comfortable setting for visitors.

6. Solutions Zone
This area is divided into 2 sections: the Home Zone and Enterprises Solutions. Featured in the Home Zone is a wide range of home solutions (landline, internet, entertainment). In Enterprise Solutions, different applications and gadgets you need for a large or small business can be found here.
Home Solutions
Enterprise Solutions
PLDT Watcher lets you monitor your store much like a CCTV,
even when you are away
Rewards management system – a standalone utility
to help you manage your rewards system

7. Mobile Zone, Internet Zone, International Zone
In these 3 zones, you get to hold, use and ask questions about the mobile handsets, internet services and international options to connect you and your family even when you’re countries apart.
Mobile Zone

International Zone

8. Jump Billboard
Four tall screens feature the Center Map, product commercials, Springboard registration as well as JUMP events.
Finally, availing yourself of PLDT and Smart services, plans and gadgets need not be painful. At the JUMP Center, the whole family can do something interactively while you all wait in comfort.
Jump Center
4/F Cyberzone, Bldg. B
SM Megamall
Ortigas Center
Pasig City