Join my Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 2016 Planner giveaway

Coming out of my holiday hiatus, I decided to set a positive and exciting tone for 2016 by doing a blog giveaway. Yes, I don’t always do this for many reasons, but I feel like starting 2016 not by taking in but by giving away something.

This giveaway is special because it will be for MOMMIES! I’m giving away my good friend Janice’s 2016 planner — the Mommy Mundo Mom 24/7 2016 planner. Yay!

Mom 24-7 2016 planner

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A Mommy Mundo 2015 Mom 24/7 Planner for a SuperMom!

I love planners. It’s one thing a Mom of 4 like me could not do without when my kids were growing up. I started with a Filofax (does anyone even remember what that is?), then moved to generic or company-branded planners. I especially liked one insurance company’s planners because of all the space available for me to write down my daily tasks as well as what each child needed for assignment, project or where they needed to be. Whew, am I glad they’re adults now!

But my good friend Janice, popularly known as Mommy Mundo, sent me her annual Mom 24/7 planner. Maybe several decades ago, I would have kept it for myself. But I won’t need it now as much as one superMom out there. So I’m giving it away to one of you.

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