McDonald’s Philippines turns 30 with a new look

Today, September 30, 2011, McDonald’s Philippines turns a big 30!

The first McDonald’s in the Philippines opened in 1981 in Morayta. Today, there are about 325 McDonald’s branches all over the country.

To celebrate three decades of serving burgers, fries, sundaes, chicken and more to young and old alike, 4 Anniversary Stores (Makati Cinema Square, Greenhills, Quezon Ave. and North Ave.) underwent a major renovation to give McDonald’s a brand new look.

This new design concept can actually be seen already in McDonald’s stores in other parts of the world. Some of the features include comfortable, spacious dining areas, vivid color splashes, dynamic graphics and architectural accents. Common to every branch are some features. A red blade (vertical external posts that distinctly mark every McDonald’s store), a white ribbon (horizontal lines that go around the external part of the store), and a pylon (the familiar McDo yellow arch), and TidyMan (a caricature that marks the spot in each branch where people can dispose of garbage).

Modern graphics 
Tidy Man

Men’s room

Ladies’ room

Despite some common features, the anniversary stores do not look the same. The profile of the type of people who frequent each branch was studied so that every branch layout projects the lifestyle and habits of its clientele.


The theme here is FORM. Instead of bright colors, this branch is done up in subdued brown considering that most of those who come here are urban dwellers. Following the red blade design outside, a red ribbon runs around the ceiling of the branch. Stylized text and modern graphics line the walls.


This is the one closest to me and is the first ever drive-thru McDonald’s branch. It actually did not need renovating as it is one of the newly renovated branches that sports a modern look. But it’s been redone again to reflect FUN. The Italian designer, Fred Avanci, who designed the Greenhills look calls it LIM (short for Less Is More). Majority of those who come here are very young so splashes of color and a polka dot wall are used as accents. The colors used in this branch are warm. Because it is one of the 24/7 branches which also has a McCafe and a Dessert Center, the entire branch has been zoned. For example, the area nearest the McCafe has furniture and designs that look like a cafe, including small round tables since it is expected that those who stay here usually order coffee and sandwiches only. This is different from the zone area for the usual McDonald’s crowd where tables are larger to accommodate those having meals.


The theme here is ALLEGRO CLASSIC. Allegro means “happy” so while the colors are subdued (browns, reds, whites and oranges), this branch still looks very vibrant and gives out a cafe ambience. Its signature look is a bullseye. There is a party area as well as a play area for the toddlers. This is also a 24/7 branch with a McCafe and Dessert Center.


ALLEGRO URBAN is the look in this branch which is near Trinoma. The crowd here is older and urban so the branch features high ceilings and warm colors as well. It is a 24/7 branch as well but only has a McCafe machine and not a full-fledged McCafe. It’s got a Dessert Center as well.

I’m excited to drop by the Greenhills branch and check out the newly renovated place in person. Once these changes are rolled out to the remaining branches, the McDonald’s experience is sure to become a lot better.

HAPPY 30th ANNIVERSARY to McDonald’s Philippines!


Free Coffee at McDo from Aug. 8-12, 2011

Hold your horses!!! You did not read it wrong, my dear readers!

From Aug. 8-12, 2011 you can get a warm, wonderful 8-oz. cup of McCafe Premium Roast Coffee — FOR FREE!

From 4AM to 10:30 AM, you will be treated to freshly-brewed coffee. Coupons will be distributed in selected offices, universities, terminals, colleges, churches and outside McDo stores nationwide starting August 5.

So if you are an insomniac who’s still up at 4AM, a wanna-be-like-J. K. Rowling writer who hangs out in coffeeshops while creating your dream book, or a blogger like me who may be suffering from writer’s block sometimes and needs something to jumpstart my writing day, head on over to McDonald’s on the days mentioned above and get your cup of 100% Arabica coffee.

For more details, head on over to McDo’s Facebook page and see how you can avail of this offer.


Coca-Cola can glasses are here!

The Coca-Cola Company and McDonald’s Corporation have partnered once again to offer a series of 6 colored Coke can glasses. Only 13 McDonald’s markets in the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines, will be able to avail of this offer so it is a true collectible for Coke collectors.

Every time you go to McDonald’s and avail of an Extra Value Meal, you can get a Coca-Cola can glass in your color of choice: blue, charcoal, green, lime, pink and purple. Just add P25 to get one glass.

This is the first time that the contemporary-shaped Coke can glass will be available through McDonald’s. This is what John Hackett, Coca=Cola Pacific Group Marketing, Customer and Commercial Director said, “Coca-Cola glasses are unique collector’s items, and as we celebrate the 125th anniversary of Coca-Cola in 2011 we are excited to offer the Coca-Cola can glass to McDonald’s Asia consumers for the first time. We know consumers will enjoy collecting the multiple colors, and the fizz of Coca-Cola at McDonald’s”.
Start collecting now. Get the entire color collection or match the glasses to your dining set by getting several of one color. 
Which color/s are you planning to get?

McDo is now on your mobile phone

It became such a big convenience when many fastfood outlets and restaurants allowed online ordering and payments. In this age when everyone seems to lead such hectic lives and Metro Manila traffic is horrendous, the advantages of being able to go online in your own home and order lunch, dinner or merienda delivered to your doorstep was obvious.

McDonald’s was one of those fastfood outlets known for online ordering. My kids have ordered online not just from McDo but from other outlets several times already and you know what? It beats having to place your order via phone because sometimes, the one taking down the order can make mistakes.

McDo has moved online ordering up one step. It has partnered with Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) to allow ordering via mobile phone to BPI, BPI Family Savings Bank and BPI Direct clients.

Here’s how to do it.

First, you need to register at I got these screencaps from My BPI Magazine.

And here’s how to order and pay:

And to register, here are the requirements:

Shhhhhh! Don’t even tell my youngest son about this! He is such a McDo fan!