Starbucks celebrates its 20th year in the Philippines with a bejeweled collection

TWENTY YEARS!!! On December 4, 2017, Starbucks will celebrate 20 years of its presence in the Philippines!

December 4, 1997 saw the opening of a little coffeehouse with a green logo in a Makati building and to this day, it still stands there – in 6750 Building, Ayala Center. Starbucks Philippines was the third market to open outside of North America.

In celebration of these two decades, Starbucks is coming out with a very special anniversary collection of mugs and tumblers.

At the top is its (very) limited edition Starbucks 20th Anniversary collection of mugs released beginning December 1, 2017.¬† All the anniversary mugs’ designs are a tribute to the Philippines’ woven art.¬†Each 12-oz ceramic mug features traditional textile patterns and is accented by 200 white and emerald (the traditional 20th anniversary stone) Swarovski crystals. It also comes with a special-edition numbered certificate and a ready-to-gift box stamped with the Starbucks wordmark.

(L-R) White, White Gold, and Silver ceramic mugs with Swarovski crystals


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