Kleenex redefines softness with cucumber

There are brands that are passed on from generation to generation. In my family, Kleenex is one of them.

My family is a long-time user of Kleenex of most of its variants. Yes, we are now 3 generations of Kleenex users — from the time of my Mom who always had a Kleenex pack in her bag, to me growing up, and now to my kids who always have a travel pack in their bags. Since some of my kids (and I) have always had allergic rhinitis, tissue was a necessity. Even our cars have a box each too.

But here’s one confession I’ll make.
At some point in my married life, being a homemaker watching the family budget, I tried to switch to other brands that were cheaper. In my mind, tissue was tissue. Brand would not matter. So wrong! During my allergic rhinitis episodes, other brands that were apparently coarser, would create blisters right outside my nostrils so much faster. It really hurt!
So it was back to Kleenex and there we stayed.
When I got an invitation to the Kleenex event, I was really curious because the invitation looked like a cucumber.
True enough, cucumber extract is the main innovative ingredient that has been infused into the threads of all Kleenex products, making it so much softer. I can already attest to the softness because I took a sheet out of an opened Kleenex box with the infused cucumber extract. Then I took out a Kleenex sheet from the travel pack in my bag. Believe me, the new Kleenex is much softer and silkier to the touch. I had other bloggers feel the difference and they too attested to the great improvement.

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