Braun and Severin’s Afternoon Bites with Mommy Bloggers

When you get an invitation like this, you can be sure that the afternoon would be fun, fun, fun. And indeed it was! Mommy blogger friends took time off from family responsibilities to gather for some much needed ME time with our host, Colombo Merchants Philippines, exclusive distributors of the German brands Braun and Severin.

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The Midea appliance line – enhanced productivity and money-saving solutions

Concepcion Industrial Corporation, known for its Carrier product line, has tied up this time with global brand Midea’s Consumer Appliances line and has formed Concepcion-Midea Inc. Philippines under the mother brand.

At a recent blogger event, we were introduced to some of the appliances in their product line. If you are one of many busybodies who have to multitask household tasks and juggle work with housework, you’ll want to check out these Midea appliances that promise ease, convenience and even savings.


I gravitated immediately towards the Midea refrigerators, ahead of the rest. The innovations in refs of all brands continue to fascinate me and Midea did not disappoint. Both models run on a Turbo Inverter Compressor which lead to cost savings as temperatures are maintained at even levels instead of costly warm-up times.

French Door (Party Ref)

If I had to choose between the two refs on exhibit, this would be my ref of choice. The 20.1 cu. ft. ref is aptly called a party ref because it can store enough food for a party. The two ref doors open outward (just like French doors) to reveal space that is wide enough for a lechon (roasted pig) to fit.

The freezer section is found in 2 lower pull-out drawers. On the left side when you pull out the first freezer drawer, you will find the ice maker. The water that is used to fill the tray is found in the French doors section, a separate container you fill with water. It empties into the ice tray below and forms ice in just a few hours. Without taking the ice tray out, a knob is simply rotated to release the ice cubes into the tray below.

The ice maker is the round object on upper right and it dispenses directly into the tray below.

A very spacious second freezer level

The water container (found in the middle of the ref) that feeds into the ice maker

This model also has what Midea calls a “Keep Fresh” technology to keep fruits and vegetables fresh much longer. It irradiates natural light that keeps fresh items in their natural state longer; a UV light breaks down pesticides normally found in fruits and vegetables.

See those bright lights in the middle? They blink and mimic natural light to keep items fresh longer.

How much can you put into this ref? 20 grocery baskets full.

This French door ref retails for PhP 99,995.

Side by Side Ref (with water dispenser and beverage bar)

This is a 19.2 cu.ft ref that comes with a water dispenser on the left side and a touch-to-open beverage bar on the right side.

The right side of ref, when opened up, has high shelving to allow even a 3-tiered cake to fit inside. Space saving idea? Wine racks conveniently located so they need not take up space in the ref door.

Wine bottles can be put in a rack above the cake instead of in ref door

The beverage bar revealed

This Side by Side ref retails at PhP 72,995 (down from PhP 77,995 effective June 10, 2014).


Midea offers fully automatic models featuring a One Touch feature where all cycles are done with just one touch, leaving you to do other work while the washing machine does everything from wash to rinse to dry cycles. More than that, Midea washing machines have smart sensors which detect the weight of the laundry you put in and automatically fills in just the right amount of water.

Its Quick Wash function also lets you clean a drumful of clothes in as fast as 19 minutes. Midea computed the cost of this feature and they say it translates to just ONE PESO PER LOAD – that is a real cost savings!

Midea also carries semi-automatic washing machines.

SRP Prices:

Fully Automatic:
   7kg – PhP 10,995
   8kg – PhP 14,995
  10kg – PhP 17,995
  12kg – PhP 21,995

Semi Automatic:
   8kg – PhP 7,995
  10kg – PhP 10,195


Midea carries both manual and digital microwave ovens.

SRP Prices for Midea microwave ovens:

   20L – PhP 3,695
   25L – PhP 5,495
   30L – PhP 5,995

Manual, 20L – PhP 2,995


Inverter technology is also used for all Midea airconditioners. I’ll update my post once I get the prices for the aircons.

My girl who has lived for some time in China confirms that Midea is a popular and well-respected brand in China. That’s good enough for me!


Enjoy Delightful-E Yummy and Easy Culinary Dishes with Electrolux Kitchen Appliances

At a recent cooking show at Electrolux’s headquarters at Bonifacio Global City, I was treated not just to an introduction to their newest line of kitchen appliances but also to special and surprisingly easy culinary dishes from the kitchens of Electrolux’s brand endorsers.

Mom and daughter duo, Cheska and Kendra Kramer; celebrity chefs Rosebud Benitez and Bruce Lim; and mompreneur and co-SoMom Janice Villanueva shared their favorite family dishes using the different appliances that Electrolux has for the kitchen.

The conference rooms of Electrolux HQ were magically transformed into a home setting, complete with a living room area, a dining table with plate settings and a fully furnished kitchen! Kudos to whoever transformed this corporate space into home, sweet home!

Chef Bruce Lim and Janice Villanueva were on hand to demonstrate their selected family famorite dishes.

Janice whipped up her Quick Bangus Belly which turned out to be a really quick and easy dish to prepare. After preparing the bangus belly, Janice just popped it quickly into the Electrolux range’s oven area and shortly after, it was already done. This dish can likewise be used on the Electrolux toaster oven. Much as I wanted to try it though, I was afraid to do so only because it had anchovies (I’m allergic to it!). But all the bloggers who taste-tested it said it was yummy.

We next got to see the dish that Chef Bruce Lim whipped up – Creamy Adobo Penne Pasta. I could not believe that adobo could become a pasta ingredient! Really, it never crossed my mind. But listening to Chef Bruce show us how easy it was to convert leftover adobo into a delicious pasta dish was so informative.

This was DELISH! A new dish to try!

While watching Chef Bruce, I could not help but ogle the induction cooking range he was using. I’ve always wanted one and was already thinking of getting even just a single burner one in an appliance store once. The benefits of cooking without using gas (I’m terrified of fire) plus no risk of getting burned by flames were attractive enough for me. This Electrolux induction cooking range has four induction zones for quick and flameless cooking. It also features a 61L electric oven and grill.

The other one that caught my eye was the Electrolux NutriFresh refrigerator. This was interesting for me — light affects the freshness of vegetables and fruits in the chiller! And when fruits and veggies lose their freshness, we know that we also lose most of the vitamins and nutrients that come with them. Electrolux designed its refs using a patented NutriLight feature that keeps fruits and vegetables fresher and crisper longer than ordinary refs.

Emcee Delmar explains the features of the Electrolux ref

This ref’s middle section opens up when pushed slightly to reveal a recessed place where cold drinks can be placed for kids’ easy reach. They need not open the entire ref and bring hot air in each time the door is opened. That also saves on electricity costs because the cooling system need not work overtime to keep the ref at its ideal temperature. And one more thing. See that scribbling on the upper left of the ref? The ref’s surface is writable! Just use a water-based pen and you can leave notes around for the hubby, wife or kids without having to put a paper note and magnet on the door.

Electrolux also has a Powermix Silent Blender that functions powerfully with a very low noise level. More than just a blender for smoothies and juices, it also comes with a grinder for dry food such as coffee beans and nuts that health buffs can add to a daily, healthy drink.

There are so many more Electrolux kitchen appliances to choose from – microwave ovens, dishwashers, rice cookers and more. Of course, we know that they also go beyond the kitchen and carry convenience appliances for just about any part of the home.

Don’t forget to check the Electrolux weekly contest over at Instagram and Twitter. Joining is easy:
1. follow @ElectroluxPH on Instagram and Twitter
2. Take a photo of a delightfully delicious food that reminds you of home
3. Add a catchy caption that explains why the dish reminds you of a hearty home
4. Use the hashtag #DelightfulE and tag @ElectroluxPH

An Electrolux appliance will be awarded to one lucky winner weekly.

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