Ipanema’s Urban Jungle Collection

The launch of Ipanema’s new line of flipflops was like no other they had ever presented before. Not that their other launches were blah. In fact, Ipanema is known for its creative presentations of its new collections. I’ve been to several but I must say that this one was quite the original and creative one.

The theme of the new Ipanema collection is the Urban Jungle. Aptly, the stage at Bonifacio High Street was transformed into a jungle, with screens showing the Brazilian forests and various animals roaming them.

The whole runway show was done through a mystical storytelling – a play of dance, drama and music that kept the dancers moving constantly. I actually had a difficult time trying to get still shots of the performers or the flipflops they wore because they were constantly moving around the stage. So I decided to take videos instead.

Each of the new flipflops bore an imprint of an animal. The collection features a mix of bright colors and bold prints as well as unique patterns that remind you of the animals they were named after.

In this collection, my favorite is the Lioness series because I prefer wearing sandals with straps all the way around the back of my feet. Watch this short video showing the Ipanema dancers in the segment that shows off the Lioness flipflops.

I have several pairs of Ipanema flipflops already. They’re so light and flexible that walking in them even for hours is no problem. The texture of Ipanema flipflops is something I truly love because they don’t feel rubbery at all, unlike some other brands I’ve tried. Want to know how soft and pliable they are? Try pointing your toes like a ballet dancer does and the soles just fold up. That’s how I tested them.

You can find Ipanema in shoe boutiques all over the Metro as well as in Bambu.

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Ipanema Launches its “Colorful Sea” Collection

I have several pairs of Ipanema flipflops and each one is just so comfortable and pliant. I can do a ballet pointe and the flipflops would just follow the curve of my pointed foot.

For 2010, Ipanema is once again launching its latest GB collection, which it dubbed “Colorful Sea”. The GB line (GB which stands for Gisele Bundchen, a Brazilian and the world’s most successful supermodel who endorses Ipanema GB) is known for its hip design, unmatched style and high quality as well as for being an important medium for eco-awareness.

A devoted environmentalist, Gisele Bündchen actively adheres to her role as UN ambassador by using each GB collection to raise funds and awareness for specific eco-causes. The 2010 “Colorful Sea” collection supports the preservation of Brazil’s turtle population as well as the welfare of our own local marine life.

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