Human Nature’s Baby Care Line and a SoMoms Meet-and-Greet with Anna Meloto-Wilk

It was a great honor and privilege for the SoMoms when we were able to have an intimate meet-and-greet with none other than Anna Meloto-Wilk of Human Nature.

Anna took us through the history of Human Nature. It was great to hear directly from her exactly how Human Nature came to be. She took a different path from Gawad Kalinga which her dad, Tony Meloto, was grooming her for. Together with sister Camille, they realized that there was a lack of natural beauty products in the Philippines and those available abroad were too expensive.
Using almost all-natural and locally available raw materials, Human Nature is now one of the more popular home care, personal care products in the market. And I guess it was just a matter of time before their lines included babies because Anna is, herself, a proud and loving mother.

Their baby care line is now being relaunched with some new products and new packaging on existing ones. 
The Baby Care Line (plush toys not included, hahaha)
3 baby care products get new and better packaging!

Natural Baby Wash

A baby’s skin needs gentle, loving care while being washed and given a bath. Human Nature Natural Baby Wash is 99.3% natural (that means it’s free of harmful chemicals such as SLS and SLES) and made up of touches of lavender, rosemary and chamomile to smell really nice.

Natural Baby Wash comes in 3 sizes:
500ml – PhP 289.75
200ml – PhP 129.75
50 ml  – PhP 44.75
Natural Baby Lotion
Baby skin is properly nourished and hydrated inside the mother’s womb but once they are born, their skin is subjected to much harsher conditions, including pollution. Because baby skin is 10 times more sensitive than ours, it is so important to keep it moisturized and nourished. Human Nature’s Natural Baby Lotion is 100% natural. It’s completely free of harmful chemicals such as silicone and parabens and is made of a delicate blend of sunflower oil, avocado oil and aloe vera, plus natural glycerin to seal in all that moisture to keep baby’s skin baby soft and healthy.
Natural Baby Lotion comes in 2 sizes:
200ml – PhP 149.75
50ml  – PhP 49.75
Natural Baby Wonder Oil
The perfect all-around massage oil and skin defense and protector is the Natural Baby Wonder Oil. Also 100% natural, it’s got sunflower oil in it. Studies have shown how infants develop better when given a massage. This is your perfect baby massage oil. It also helps prevent and soothe diaper rash inflamed skin and can be used to heal little bumps and insect bites. For cleaning of the ears and baby’s belly button, use a bit of the oil on a cotton bud or cotton ball.
Natural Baby Wonder Oil comes in 100ml bottles and sells for PhP 129.75.
Kids Natural Shampoo and Baby Wash
Here’s a fun pair: one for girls and one for boys — Ocean Apple for her, Tangerine Thunder for him.
The shampoo bottles’ packaging makes bathing fun for young boys and girls. Ocean Apple is not just yummy apple-scented; the “Under the Sea” theme showing a mermaid and sea creatures is fun to look at while in the tub or shower. Tangerine Thunder, meanwhile, features a red Thunderbird car. And it’s not just for the hair; it’s a body wash as well so you can wash your kids from head to toe.
Its unique Protein Care System keeps kids’ hair healthy and squeaky clean. And it’s 96.4% natural and 100% free from harmful chemicals.
The Kids Natural Shampoo and Baby Wash comes in 3 variants:
500ml – PhP 289.75
200ml – PhP 129.75
50 ml  – PhP 44.75
Kids Natural Bath Soap
This bath soap really took me by surprise when Reby of Human Nature said that it smelled like…..
I bet this is the first soap ever to smell like chocolate. And I’m actually tempted to try it out to see how my bathing experience would be like using this soap. It’s 100% natural and 100% free from harmful chemicals as well. A cold process allows the soap to retain the body’s natural glycerin — sealing in body moisture. 
A bar of Kids Natural Bath Soap retails at PhP 69.75.


New Human Nature Products: Clarifying Shampoo, Peppermint Strengthening Conditioner and Pocket Hand Soap!

Recently, I received samples of 3 new products from Human Nature.

100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo

Even if you love a particular shampoo brand, hair experts have always recommended the use of an anti-residue or clarifying shampoo which scrubs out all the residue on your scalp from chemica shampoos, styling products, environmental pollution and the effects of stress. The Human Nature 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo, as its name suggests, is 100% natural — made of natural fruit acids, betaine, and aloe vera.

PhP 149.75, 200ml; PhP 319.75, 500ml

Most anti-residue shampoo products can only be used around twice a week because the chemicals, while great for stripping away impurities and build-up on the hair, are quite strong that they also strip away the hair’s natural oils. But since Human Nature 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo is entirely natural, it is safe to use daily without damaging hair or overdrying the scalp.

The Green Apple scent is very pleasant and makes hair smell really fresh. What you will find surprising with this shampoo is that it actually is very foamy. We know that the foamy lather in cleaning products, like shampoos and laundry detergents, is chemically induced by the ingredients sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). But the researchers of Human Nature have discovered that coco fatty acid sulfates are able to create that very same foamy lather WITHOUT the harmful chemicals. Not only are the coco fatty acid sulfates non-toxic but they are also fully biodegradable. And of course, they are sourced totally in the Philippines.

Watch this video.

Peppermint Strengthening Conditioner

If you loved the Peppermint Strengthening Shampoo, then you’ll welcome its partner, the Peppermint Strengthening Conditioner.

PhP 49.75, 50ml; PhP 144.75, 200ml; PhP  299.75, 500ml

Soybean, avocado and sunflower oil combine to nourish hair from roots to tips. Topped with hydrolyzed wheat protein, the potent combination is meant to protect the hair from hair fall. I’m excited to try this variant out since I already use Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner of a different variant.

Natural Pocket Hand Soap

This one I have been waiting for. Because I’m frequently out of the house, I always bring Human Nature’s hand sanitizer. Now they have a Natural Pocket Hand Soap which is a great addition for me because not all restrooms are equipped with soap.

PhP 59.75, 50ml; PhP 139.75, 200ml

What makes the Natural Pocket Hand Soap natural is the absence of chemical-based hand soaps. Most anti-bacterial soaps likely contain Triclosan, which independent studies have reportedly linked to endocrinal and reproductive malfunctions. The Natural Pocket Hand Soap has none of those. Instead, it contains natural glycerin (to protect hands from drying), a naturally derived surfactant that cleans hands, and is environmentally friendly. It comes in an Energizing Citrus scent, just like the hand sanitizer that I like.


Human Nature brings on Tough Love

Human Nature products are very much a part of my life. My shampoo and conditioner, insect repellant, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and some makeup are from Human Nature. It has been a conscious move on my part to switch from chemical-based stuff around the house to products which are not only gentle to my skin but also environment-friendly.

But recently I received 2 new Human Nature products which are NOT just gentle; they are TOUGH as well!!! And they should be, because they need to wash away dirt where it matters. At the same time, they are so natural that they can be discharged into the environment without polluting it.

This is the new home care brand that Human Nature recently introduced into the market – their TOUGH LOVE home care line — Tough Love Natural Dishwashing Liquid and Natural Liquid Detergent (100% Natural).

Both products have absolutely no phosphates, chlorine, bleach, dyes, enzymes, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, optical brighteners, and other harmful chemicals found in common household cleaners –a big plus for me since I have long chucked my chemical-based disinfectants, roach killers, household cleaners (some) and replaced them with non-toxic ones.

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Human Nature’s Berry Bliss Lotion

I use lotion a lot. At this age, I have to make sure that my skin is always hydrated and protected from drying and shriveling up in this heat. My lotion was down to just a few more applications when I received a sample of Human Nature‘s Berry Bliss lotion to try. Speaking of good timing!

This newly launched lotion variant has a strong but pleasant berry scent the moment you pop open the lid, which I immediately did. I guess that made a first good impression because I really love berry scent anyway.

As with all other Human Nature products, this Berry Bliss lotion is what they call healthy lotion. Why? Because it is made without all the chemicals that go into other commercially made lotions. It’s free of parabens that could bring on all kinds of health disorders including cancer.

Reading the ingredients on the label, I noticed also that they had infused the lotion with their sunflower seed oil. I have the sunflower oil of Human Nature as well and it is very popular because it helps to moisturize hair, give shine under the eyes, and moisturize skin but I noticed that when used solely, it tended to be thick and gooey — and oily. Surprisingly, as I poured out the Berry Bliss lotion and rubbed it into my skin, there was no physical trace of the oily sunflower oil. Looks like Human Nature put in just enough of it to work without getting too oily. I could feel my skin feeling all smooth and moisturized and smelling berry, berry nice.

I’m going for the Berry Bliss next time I need to buy lotion. Just one thing, I hope their improved version of this down the road comes with some sunscreen protection.
Berry Bliss lotion comes in two sizes: the 50ml bottle costs PhP 65.75 while the 200ml bottle goes for PhP 199.75.


Human Nature now has a flagship store!

My family is slowly but surely moving out of a chemical-filled lifestyle into one that incorporates organic and natural products and this includes the consumer products we use. We’re not at 100%, maybe not even at 50%, but my kids and I are becoming more conscious about the choices we make.

One brand that is very much present at home is Human Nature. My daughters and I have been using Human Nature products in place of some of our usual cosmetics. Recently, my daughter and I got the chance to visit the Human Nature Flagship Store – their very first concept store – in Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City.

Anna Meloto-Wilk, President of Human Nature, welcomed us and gave a brief background on how Human Nature came about.

Designed by two young and talented Filipina architects (Mau Adraneda and Joyce Angara), the interiors were made to look like an enchanted forest in the midst of a concrete jungle.

Forest ambience, beautiful layout, warm lights

Products laid out around the trunk of the “tree”
Nice idea! Products arranged in heart shapes!

A dedicated kiddie corner while Mom and Dad shop

What impressed me about the Human Nature Flagship Store was their willingness to support and host other world-class Filipino Social Enterprises to showcase the different ways our local materials can be transformed into world-class products.

In one corner of the store was a beautifully lighted wooden and bamboo display area that showcased non-Human Nature items. It allows people shopping at Human Nature to support these other 100% Filipino social enterprises as well.

This corner showcases non-Human Nature items. See those 2 cream chairs?
They are made of Kraft carton boards only!

Cafe de Sug: Gawad Kalinga’s famous coffee from Sulu

Jacinto & Lirio: recycling the lowly hyacinth (water lilies) into luxury leather bags

Rattan Man: Dumagat Niete plates
Rags2Riches: eco-ethical fashion and and home accessories
made from scrap cloth and organic materials
Enchantea: healthy iced tea from the GK Enchanted Farm
Golden Eggs: salted duck eggs without the toxic food color (they use turmeric!)

Theo & Philo: the only 100% bean-to-bar Filipino artisan chocolates

Bambrew: food that contains bamboo
Whoa, a Bambike (bamboo bike)!!!

After the main blogger event, my girl and I had a great time shopping and bonding, checking out new stuff, discussing the products, testing some of them. She actually ended up buying more than me (she said she might as well shop for her stuff while she was there).

The concept store is quite a-ways from where I live but I think we would love to come visit every so often and shop in comfort in this green, beautifully designed, cozy store. Now if only they could find an ideal spot where I live – that would be perfect!

Human Nature Flagship Store
460 Commonwealth Avenue
Quezon City
Tel (02) 931-5787

Human Nature’s Feminine Wash and Deodorant

I recently went to an intimate dinner with the Human Nature team, including Camille Meloto (daughter of Gawad Kalinga’s Tony Meloto).

Human Nature was a natural discovery by Anna Meloto-Wilk, her husband Dylan Wilk and Camille on a trip to the U.S. where they saw how natural and ethical beauty products were penetrating the market and they wondered how the Philippines’ rich, natural resources could produce such beauty products but at a much lower cost.

The story of Human Nature is, in itself, something amazing. The people behind it emphasize that its goal is not simply profit since they are a social enterprise. They live by 3 principles: PRO-PHILIPPINES, PRO-POOR AND PRO-ENVIRONMENT.

Those 3 principles are strictly observed in the development of new products. All Human Nature products are 100% sourced in the Philippines unless there is no availability of certain required raw materials. Gawad Kalinga residents and communities are the targets of livelihood by Human Nature. Where the raw materials are available, communities are taught how to extract these for production and these are bought at fair prices (sometimes, even above market price) by Human Nature in order to encourage the residents to continue providing their raw materials. And lastly, being aware that they are stewards also of this planet, Human Nature products from the raw materials to the packaging are closely researched and examined to ensure that at every step of production, the materials are naturally derived and do not cause environmental toxins in the different processes. Recyclable bottles are used for packaging.

You probably know already about their very popular and always-out-of-stock Citronella Bug Spray which is DEET-free and very effective as far as keeping those nasty mosquitoes off you. And friends have recommended their Hand Sanitizer to me so much so that on my next shopping day, I bought a couple of bottles to start off.

Two new products were introduced to us: Human Nature Feminine Wash and Human Nature Deodorant.

Human Nature Feminine Wash

I am very particular about what feminine wash I use and get for my girls. And why not? it cleanses a very private part of yourself. I want to be sure that I am not introducing toxins into my body when using this. This is why I was happy to find out that Human Nature had come up with their own feminine wash product.

At Php 59.75 for a 50 ml bottle, the Human Nature feminine wash is definitely affordable and competitively priced compared to chemical-based feminine washes in the market today. Many feminine washes contain triclosan, parabens and SLS/SLES which are considered harmful chemicals. Human Nature’s feminine wash has none of those chemicals. Its natural ingredients only contain the following: aloe leaf extract and chamomile essential oil (both known for their anti-bacterial, soothing, calming and aromatic properties), coconut and sunflower oils, natural cleansing agents, and rice and anise extracts that work as natural preservatives. Because it is gentle and mild and all-natural as well, it does not significantly alter the pH balance of a woman’s flora as is prone to happen when frequently washing with  scented soaps and perfumed feminine hygiene products.

The table above tells you that the ingredients that go into the feminine wash actually cost much more than those that go into the chemically-based feminine wash products but by encouraging GK communities to help in the production and with the help of good marketing strategies and the direct selling network, Human Nature has managed to keep the selling price competitive.

Human Nature Deodorant

What attracted me to the description of Human Nature’s deodorant were the words “natural, non-darkening”.

Human Nature does not tout this deodorant as an anti-perspirant. In fact, it does NOT stop sweating. And I think that is good because we eliminate toxins from our body through our sweat. That is what I learned as a yogini practicing yoga. The more you sweat, the faster you detox. Unfortunately, I myself have resorted to using commercially available anti-perspirant/deodorant combinations because many brands I have tried could not really stop the sweat from being contaminated with bacteria and turning into body odor. The main ingredient in Human Nature’s deodorant which will stop the development of body odor is chitosan, which has a natural, anti-bacterial property. It is 100% naturally-derived from the shells of sea crustaceans. It is also biocompatible, non-toxic and biodegradable.

Chitosan has also been clinically proven to promote wound healing, is anti-itching, anti-microbial and an excellent skin moisturizer. This is probably the answer to one of my girls’ dilemmas. She is allergic to many deodorant brands and these would darken her skin maybe because it causes itching and when she scratches, the aluminum chloride in the deodorant penetrates her skin and causes it to darken. I’m having her try Human Nature’s deodorant now to see if it is effective on her underarms.

Curious, I also asked them if they had plans for alum (tawas) to be incorporated in their deodorant products. I’ve been using tawas products on areas other than my underarms and they have been quite effective. The team of Human Nature however replied that tawas was not in their near future but could be worth looking at.

Next time you’re about to buy feminine wash or deodorant, stop and take a look at Human Nature’s. Not only will you be helping the livelihood of Filipinos but you will also save the environment as well as do your body a favor by using all-natural and organic products.

Check out Human Nature’s website at For orders, go to your nearest Human Nature Branch or call (02) 931-5787. You may also visit Rustans & Shopwise for a select line of Human Nature products.