Give the gift of health from Healthy Options’ Christmas gift sets

What Christmas gifts have you been giving out these past years? Whatever they were, how about making HEALTH the focus of your Christmas gifts this year? It’s about time that we all help each other make healthy day-to-day lifestyle choices and that includes stuff we use, consume, and apply on ourselves. Your families and friends will definitely appreciate gifts from you that express wishes for their long-term well-being.

Healthy Options has, for the longest time, been my go-to store for all things natural and organic. Last year, I attended their Christmas event where they first introduced their healthy Christmas gift sets and this year, they are doing the same…with MORE! Following their theme, Light Up Your Christmas, shoppers can choose from a wide variety of products (healthy snacks, organic wine, sparkling juices, supplements, and personal care products, among them).

From now till October 22, 2017, early Christmas shoppers who visit Healthy Options stores at Shangri-la Plaza Mall and Glorietta 2 can check out the gift show, pre-order, and get exclusive discounts and privileges valid only during the gift show. Customers who purchase PhP50,000 worth of products or more are entitled to an early bird discount and are eligible to free shipping. Delivery of these pre-ordered gift sets will start on November 21. The gift sets will officially be available for regular selling in all Healthy Options stores starting the second week of November.

Healthy Options also has gift cards in PhP 1000 and PhP 500 denominations that are practical to give out. Their Healthy Options Private label features Healthy Options’ own premium brand of gluten-free grocery items.

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Delifrance’s Joyeux Noël

I really and truly love fruitcake (yes, my kids and some friends still roll their eyes as to why I still crave this). I love Christmas because this is the time when I can receive fruitcakes from friends. But in recent years, this practice has dwindled due to the changing trends. Last year, wine dominated the gift trend. I wonder what it will be this year?

Several years ago, I bought a fruitcake from a good friend in January, kept it for months in my ref, lovingly taking it out every few weeks to baste the top and sides in brandy. And at Christmas time, we opened it up and it smelled and tasted so good! One day I will do that again.

But if you are a busy mother or a working person with no time on your hands to look around for the perfect fruitcake or pastry to give as a gift on Christmas, take a look at the gourmet offerings of Delifrance, aptly called Joyeux Noël.

Premium English Fruitcake
Always one of their bestsellers, the Premium English Fruitcake is soaked in brandy and fruit juices months in advance. They use only imported ingredients and have one of the most generous toppings of crunchy pecans, flavorful walnuts, tangy glazed fruits, and cherries and dates.
For those who want variety, Delifrance has also come up with a twist to the classic fruitcake — the Strawberry Walnut Fruitcake, topped with sweet strawberries and walnuts.

Christmas Revelry Hamper
This is only one of 3 different hampers that you can choose from.

Delifrance’s Christmas Warmth Hamper is a coffee gift set that spreads the warmth of holiday cheer with a prime selection of handpicked Arabica beans, packaged with an assortment of Christmas Bars and a batch of Choco Chip Almond Biscotti. Another option would be to indulge in holiday merriment with the Christmas Cheer Hamper, which features an irresistible mix of Christmas Bars, Premium English Fruitcake, specially selected Coffee Beans and an authentic bottle of French red wine. Finally, the Christmas Revelry Hamper mixes the rich flavors of French Wine and specialty coffee with the decadence of holiday favorites such as the Premium English Fruitcake, Chocolate Bars and Chocolate Chip Almond Biscotti.

All these premium items come in a limited edition picnic hamper.

Assorted Bars
The assorted bars feature a delectable assortment of chocolate-based pastries: Dark Choco Chip Butterscotch, Choco Chip Cookie Dough Brownie, Butter Pecan, or the Turtle Brownie.
There are different-sized boxes containing these assorted bars so it fits whatever budget you have.

For inquiries, please call the Delifrance main office at 643-8401 or visit