Polaris Treasure Trove relaunches and brings in UK’s ID-Diamonds Investment Bar to Manila

The right jewelry, worn even with the simplest outfit, can do so much to add flair and elegance to its owner’s entire look. This has always been the mindset of Polaris Treasure Trove owner Isha Ivonne Ricana who first began her jewelry journey in 2010 with Indian Treasures then moved on to set up her own jewelry brand.


Polaris Treasure Trove and ID-Diamonds teams
Isha Ivonne Ricana (third from left) with Polaris Treasure Trove’s brand ambassador, Bea Rose Santiago (former Miss International 2013) and the ID-Diamonds executives


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Bata Philippines opens its 3rd store in SM Makati and launches Bata Insolia heels

Bata shoe lovers, you’ve got a third store to go to. Bata is now open at the second level of SM Makati. They just recently broke ground there with all your favorite shoe lines PLUS a new one – Bata Insolia high-heeled shoes.


Bata store at SM Makati

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I found fashionable, comfy and affordable footwear at Bata Philippines!

The practice of yoga and learning more about overall wellness has brought me even greater awareness about the role of comfortable footwear in health. Thinking back to my office days when I had to walk or stand hours on end on tight-fitting pumps, I now know how punishing it must have been to my feet. These days, open-toed, flat to low, and very comfortable footwear are what I look for. But…most of the flipflops and comfortable sandals and shoes I have bought run into several thousands averaging around PhP 4000-5,000 a pair.

Well, let me tell you that I am so happy now to know where to find fashionable, comfy and affordable footwear. At Bata Philippines!


Bata Philippines front view

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My comfy, foldable Butterfly Twists were perfect for an artsy walking tour afternoon

A saying goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”.

Let me tweak that a bit and say, “The proof of truly wearable shoes is in the walking!”

And that’s exactly what the people behind Butterfly Twists made a group of us do one pretty humid afternoon at Bonifacio High Street (BHS) to launch their Spring/Summer 2016 Collection. They challenged us to do an artsy walking tour around BHS wearing our very own pairs of Butterfly Twists.

Butterfly Twists

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Sneak Preview of H&M’s 2015 Spring/Summer Collection


It’s always exciting to get a sneak preview of the next season’s fashion collection and being invited to take this peek at H&M’s 2015 Spring/Summer Collection was my exciting event of the day.

I was lucky to get there ahead of everyone else invited. I had time to go around and slowly take in the collection.

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Ipanema’s Urban Jungle Collection

The launch of Ipanema’s new line of flipflops was like no other they had ever presented before. Not that their other launches were blah. In fact, Ipanema is known for its creative presentations of its new collections. I’ve been to several but I must say that this one was quite the original and creative one.

The theme of the new Ipanema collection is the Urban Jungle. Aptly, the stage at Bonifacio High Street was transformed into a jungle, with screens showing the Brazilian forests and various animals roaming them.

The whole runway show was done through a mystical storytelling – a play of dance, drama and music that kept the dancers moving constantly. I actually had a difficult time trying to get still shots of the performers or the flipflops they wore because they were constantly moving around the stage. So I decided to take videos instead.

Each of the new flipflops bore an imprint of an animal. The collection features a mix of bright colors and bold prints as well as unique patterns that remind you of the animals they were named after.

In this collection, my favorite is the Lioness series because I prefer wearing sandals with straps all the way around the back of my feet. Watch this short video showing the Ipanema dancers in the segment that shows off the Lioness flipflops.

I have several pairs of Ipanema flipflops already. They’re so light and flexible that walking in them even for hours is no problem. The texture of Ipanema flipflops is something I truly love because they don’t feel rubbery at all, unlike some other brands I’ve tried. Want to know how soft and pliable they are? Try pointing your toes like a ballet dancer does and the soles just fold up. That’s how I tested them.

You can find Ipanema in shoe boutiques all over the Metro as well as in Bambu.

Check out Ipanema’s official Facebook page:


Azur: Clothing line for young men

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – Junior Prom, Senior Ball and Graduation.

Our youngest boy will be having his prom this coming weekend. Since he prefers loose jeans and shirts, we really had nothing in his wardrobe that qualified as prom material. So off to the mall we went.

After checking out the brand I thought would have a lot of possibilities, we found that colors he was inclined to were no longer available in his size. Upon looking around the area, we chanced upon a new clothing line that caught my eye – Azur.

Luck of all lucks, the two designers behind Azur were visiting the Crossings branch. They gamely assisted me and my son and helped him pick out his prom attire.
Now, I would have posted my son’s attire here but he’s quite shy about it so let me just go with some other pics I took from Azur.
The two designers behind Azur are Charles Cua and Melchor Guinto. They told me that they choose materials carefully to ensure the utmost comfort when these are worn. Their style is inspired from what’s fashionable in the European circuit but they tweak the designs to put in their own styles.
Melchor showed me some suits he personally designed. According to him, the collars of these suits are his personal design and he’d know if anyone else copied these.
Azur is also trying to bring back some fashion trends. Melchor told me they are trying to revive the use of suspenders (cool!). And he showed me the bowtie that they are now offering with their shirts. He says it’s not that difficult to tie. And besides, there’s YouTube daw. Hahahaha…
The bowtie…untied

Their shirts and pants are reasonably priced, to my mind. We got my son’s shirt for only P1,499. And Charles and Melchor said that that is the price of just about everything in their clothing line. For young men or for those who are just beginning to work, who want to look good but don’t want to pay hefty prices, Azur is definitely a place to check out.

Azur can be found at the Marquee Mall (Pampanga), Landmark Trinoma, Crossings EDSA Shangri-la and The Ramp Glorietta.
Check them out too at the next Fashion Week.

Penshoppe Style Closet Goes on a Mobile Tour

A makeover is coming to your office or school!!!

Penshoppe is stepping out of its stores!

That’s right. The Penshoppe Style Closet will be traveling to selected schools and offices in a few weeks. It is a real walk-in closet with several cubicles and rows of clothes and accessories. Stylists will assess your style, skin color and body physique and recommend a combination of outfits that suit you.

Here’s how the mobile tour will go:

1. On announced dates, the Penshoppe Style Closet will travel to a specific school or office. Their “spotters” will choose students/office workers who will get a VIP pass. (Hint: if you want to increase your chances of being “spotted”, dress up a bit more on the day they visit your office/school)

2. If you are one of the lucky ones given a VIP pass, it entitles you to a makeover from a Penshoppe stylist. That means you get to try out recommended outfits inside the Style Closet. As a token of appreciation from Penshoppe, you will get a free pair of jeans.

3. Those given VIP passes may also be given up to two more VIP passes that you can give to your best friends so they can also enjoy the experience like you. (Hint: if a spotter did not choose you to get a VIP pass, at least befriend someone who did so you also get a pass, hahaha)

4. Those who are not chosen to receive VIP passes but are interested in buying Penshoppe items will be given 10% discount.

My stylist, Mia, dressed me up in a black tank top, draped a circular, black & white scarf around me (I love the versatility of this type of scarf!), and black bead accessories.

And this was how she dressed me up!
Mobile Tour Schedules
As of this posting, here are the schedules for the mobile tour of the Style Closet as provided by Penshoppe:
1. Nov. 22, 23 and 24 – UA&P (confirmed)

2. Nov. 25 and 26 – St. Benilde (confirmed)
3. Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 – UP (confirmed)
4. Dec. 2 and 3 – UST
5. Dec. 6 and 7 – ATENEO
6. Dec. 9 and 10 – Pacific Star/PBCOM
7. Dec. 13 and 14 – Pacific Star/PBCOM
8. Dec 15, 16 and 17 – Teletech

Watch for the Penshoppe Style Closet on these dates. Who knows? You may just get an instant clothes makeover.