Zenutrients launches its Argan Skin Salve-ation

I’ve long been a user of Zenutrients’ deodorant roll-on made from tea tree so when my friend Tin invited me to Zenutrients’ main branch to check out their new Argan oil line. I immediately said yes. Arriving at the place, I was delighted to find a store unlike the usual brick and mortar ones. Just Read More

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Coming May 2015: website for all your skin concerns

This is a heads-up for those who love to google all things about skincare. Starting May 1, 2015, a brand new local website totally dedicated to everything you’d want to know about skin will launch and it will have not only solutions for skin concerns but lots of how-tos and product recommendations. This is Read More

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Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner: The fastest weapon against hair damage

Women nowadays do so many things with our hair that we are really setting it up for damage — frequent hair coloring, curling, straightening, daily blow drying, and so on. Our scalp receives pile after pile of chemicals that make our hair strands dry, frizzy and brittle. Pantene has launched its Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Read More

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Kleenex redefines softness with cucumber

There are brands that are passed on from generation to generation. In my family, Kleenex is one of them. My family is a long-time user of Kleenex of most of its variants. Yes, we are now 3 generations of Kleenex users — from the time of my Mom who always had a Kleenex pack in Read More

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My Cynos Kerasilk Keratin Treatment and CND Shellac nail polish

Taming my naturally curly hair has always been challenging. I once tried rebonding. Never again!!! My hair was so unnaturally straight that it looked like walis tingting (wooden broomstick). So I bought a titanium ceramic hair iron and would painstakingly iron my hair whenever I would go out to events where I had to look Read More

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Moms, think #WeAreBeautiful so your daughters will think so too

Moms, your influence on your daughters is greater than you think. We’ve heard it said that more important than what we say to our kids is what we do because even as small kids they watch and imitate us. We may not know it but as mothers, we also communicate fears and impressions of ourselves Read More

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An empowering moment — being free in one’s skin — with Physiogel

I was luckier than most growing up. I had oily skin. But at my age now, reality is setting in. I’m losing my oily skin and finding that many parts of my body are more dry. Once, I went to church without putting lotion on my upper arms and to my horror, I found my Read More

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Teens can now face up to acne better with Safeguard’s Derma Sense

Many times we think of teen-aged angst over pimples and acne as superficial — that teens are just going through a phase where they are simply overly concerned about fashion and how they look. I come from a family with good skin genes. And my kids don’t seem to have that much of a problem Read More

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Three Extraordinary Women, One Extraordinary Moisturizer – Physiogel

One of the side effects of having cancer is the drying up of skin. I was told this during the time hubby was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo oral chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Radiation, in particular, was what tended to have an immediate drying effect on his skin. Our doctors told us that this would Read More

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New Human Nature Products: Clarifying Shampoo, Peppermint Strengthening Conditioner and Pocket Hand Soap!

Recently, I received samples of 3 new products from Human Nature. 100% Natural Clarifying ShampooEven if you love a particular shampoo brand, hair experts have always recommended the use of an anti-residue or clarifying shampoo which scrubs out all the residue on your scalp from chemica shampoos, styling products, environmental pollution and the effects of Read More

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