Polaris Treasure Trove relaunches and brings in UK’s ID-Diamonds Investment Bar to Manila

The right jewelry, worn even with the simplest outfit, can do so much to add flair and elegance to its owner’s entire look. This has always been the mindset of Polaris Treasure Trove owner Isha Ivonne Ricana who first began her jewelry journey in 2010 with Indian Treasures then moved on to set up her own jewelry brand.


Polaris Treasure Trove and ID-Diamonds teams
Isha Ivonne Ricana (third from left) with Polaris Treasure Trove’s brand ambassador, Bea Rose Santiago (former Miss International 2013) and the ID-Diamonds executives


Isha recounted how she decided to rebrand her jewelry shop, previously called Polaris Antique and Jewellery, to Polaris Treasure Trove in 2016 in honor of herĀ  daughter Sujin who passed away in 2012 at the very young age of six. Polaris, the North Star that remains unmoved while the entire northern sky moves around it, is symbolic of how jewelry can easily be the focal point of anything one decides to wear and oftentimes makes the world of difference!

As part of the relaunch, Polaris Treasure Trove exhibited its stunning collection of South Sea pearls, sourced from Palawan and combined with the exquisite craftsmanship of our Filipino plateros who set them in gold. Just check out some of these photos.



Besides South Sea pearls, Polaris Treasure Trove also offers diamond jewelry, antique jewelry, and gemstones and crystals from India, Indonesia, Nepal, and Cambodia. Clients can customize the designs of their jewelry.

An international partner was also introduced at the Polaris Treasure Trove launch – ID-Diamonds, the first diamond investment bar in the world. Originating in Belgium, with headquarters in London, ID-Diamonds offers a way for diamond collectors and investors to preserve certified natural polished diamonds in an ultra-secure, transparent, and classy safe using a patented ID-Knox technology.


Diamonds can be traded just like gold but it needs to be done in a consistent, profitable, and efficient way. And to ensure thatĀ  they stay safe while being traded or sold, ID-Diamonds offers their storage, security and documentation system – ID Knox.

ID-Diamonds case
Certified natural diamonds encased in a Knox-like case


ID Knox has a three-layered design made of highly transparent , light-fast, and scratch-proof special plastic connected with security rivets. It also has contact/security threads around the circumference. Each ID Knox has a special integrated chip with tamper-resistant depositing of all documents (certificates for each diamond).A micro-clip allows it to connect to a computer. When connected, an automatic security and integrity check of the ID-Knox is carried out.

All ID-Diamonds are certified, natural, and conflict-free diamonds of the best quality.

You can find Polaris Treasure Trove inside a pop-up store, Styled Pop-Up (owned by Christine Bersola-Babao) which is located on the second floor of Shangri-la Plaza Mall’s East Wing.

For more information on Polaris Treasure Trove and ID-Diamonds, follow @polaristreasure on Instagram or visit facebook.com/polaris.com.ph. You may also contact Kai Magsanoc at kmagsanoc@polaris.com.ph or Jason Alcoriza at jalcoriza@polaris.com.ph.


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