Watsons supports your health through its #GetActive campaign

Everyone wants to be healthy. Many know what it takes to be healthy. But so much less actually do something about becoming healthier. True?

Busyness and a hectic lifestyle gets to a lot of us and sometimes, activities meant to make us more active and healthy are set aside. In a research conducted by Watsons Insights on Shoppers Experience (WISE), a research division of the A.S. Watson Group, 66% of Filipinos believe they know about health but 57% do not exercise regularly to stay healthy. Reasons could vary from hectic work schedules to family duties,  household chores, and guess what….even traffic!

These were reasons enough for Watsons to launch their #GetActive campaign. The point of this campaign is to get Filipinos active by starting with small lifestyle changes. Many who have failed to maintain an active lifestyle do so because they want to start out big (aim to be a triathlete, work out for hours at a gym, own fancy gym equipment, and similar goals. But people who fail to achieve these goals tend to slack and go back to their sedentary ways.


Sam Ajdani, Samantha Purvor, Watsons Grp Mktg Mngr Karen Fabres, Grp Trading Mngr Emil Perez, Cat Mngr Rossana Bonifacio, Cat Mngr Vanessa Chua, Dr. Mitzi Reodica, Mktg Dir Viki Encarnacion, Mktg Mngr Krista Tan, Mktg Sup Helen Capunong, An
Watsons team with celebrity guests and emcee: Sam Ajdani, Samantha Purvor, Karen Fabres, Emil Perez, Rossana Bonifacio, Vanessa Chua, Dr. Mitzi Reodica, Viki Encarnacion, Krista Tan, Helen Capunong, Ann Arlas

The easier way to make being active a daily habit is to start with small, easily achievable steps, then build from there. It could be as simple as increasing one’s water intake, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, breathing deeply more often and consciously, and even smiling more often to brighten up one’s disposition and set one’s mood for the day.

The Sexy Chef Barni Alejandro was one of Watsons’ guest speakers. She showed us how to prepare three quick and simple but healthy dishes including her mason jar recipes which are so easy to make and refrigerate for future meals. It actually involves the layering of ingredients around the mason jar in such a way that you get different healthy stuff in it like different colored fruits and vegetables, superfoods like chia seeds, nuts and oats.

Chef Barni Alejandro

Sam Ajdani, a professional model, fitness trainer, and the Philippines’ representative to the grand pageant of Mister World also showed us ordinary stuff we could use when traveling and gyms are not available. He demonstrated how ordinary water bottles could be used instead of weights! In fact, women can also use smaller water bottles as dumbbells. Watch this interesting video.


Dr. Mitzi Reodica also gave us a quick vitamin talk and introduced to us some of the basic vitamins that our body needs like:

• Vitamin A for immunity, vision and healthy skin
• Vitamin B complex for energy production
• Vitamin C for immunity and protection against diseases
• Vitamin E for cell damage repair or prevention and for healthy skin

Dr Mitzi Reodica
Dr. Mitzi Reodica


These vitamins and more are actually available at Watsons, with brands such as Enervon, Conzace, Ceelin, Revicon, Myra E, Centrum, Stresstabs, Berocca, Rogin E, Fern C and Watsons Generics.


Watsons Vitamins 1

Watsons Vitamins 2

Watsons Vitamins 3

There’s more! Check out this June 2017 promo!

To further encourage its shoppers and as part of its #GetActive campaign, Watsons is offering up to 20% off on select vitamins in its stores.  Watsons is offering customers a chance to win trips to Bali, Guam or Sydney, or win an iPhone 7 or iPad for a minimum PhP 500 single-receipt purchase of select vitamins and health products. Promo runs until June 28, 2017 and is exclusive to SM Advantage, SM Prestige, PRiMO and BDO Rewards Card holders. Promo is in partnership with Hutchgo.com and Philippine Airlines. (DOH-FDA-CDRR Permit No. 127 s. 2017)

It’s never too late to start your #GetActive journey. Promise  you will do this for yourself first, your family next.

For more on Watsons, visit www.watsonshealth.com.ph or www.facebook.com/WatsonsPH.


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