Digital short films from Sun Life inspire financial freedom

Great story plots have a way of motivating and moving people to act. And storytelling through short videos can be quite effective because of its ‘hugot’ (heartpulling) effect. Combine this with the viral potential of social media and these digital films can go a long way towards reaching more Filipinos. This is the strategy chosen by Sun Life to spread its financial literacy and inspire more Filipinos to seek financial freedom.

Five years ago, I was present at Sun Life’s event that launched the first generation of Sun Shorts. Recently, Sun Shorts 2 was launched, featuring another three (3) new digital shorts.  Like its predecessor, Sun Shorts 2 focuses on themes that have to do with relationships and how they inspire us to seek financial security for our loved ones.

Each of these Sun Shorts will be released in the succeeding weeks. The first one, “Waves”, is already out and features a story about enduring love that will tug at the heartstrings of millennials. In this film, Marco is a surfing instructor who lives a carefree life until he falls in love with Amanda. The film shows their developing relationship and the challenges that both face with Marco being carefree and Amanda being more business-minded. Will their love endure?  “Waves” by Zig Marasigan gives a peek into the lives and hearts of millennials.

Watch Waves here. It affected even me.


Matteo Guidicelli, a Sun Life ambassador, shared his thoughts about “Waves”. He expressed my very thoughts after seeing the film — is it possible to insure a loved one even if there is no legal relationship between the two? Sun Life’s answer surprised me. One can actually designate a loved one as beneficiary even if there is no legal relationship as long as both present CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage) to the Sun Life agent.


Matteo Guidicelli for Sun Life
Matteo Guidicelli reacts to the Waves film


The second film has just been released June 14. The last two digital films are film is scheduled for  release on June 14 and June 21 via Sun Life’s Facebook page. I will embed the films here once they are out.

“She Said, She Said”, to be released on June 14, is all about a mother-daughter relationship. Specifically, a single mom struggling to raise her daughter on her own. In this film by Nik Reyes, we get into the heads of both mother and daughter. The mother has questions and doubts as she asks if what she is doing for her child is the right thing while she tries to pursue her own dreams.  As we also get a glimpse of what is going on in her daughter’s head, viewers like me who are Moms will realize that sometimes, we need to see life not only from our eyes but from the eyes of our children.



"She Said, She Said" Sun Life short film
“She Said, She Said” Sun Life short film by Nik Reyes


“Sayaw”, coming out on June 21, is all about love being tested over time. Its director, Mihk Vergara, aims to answer this question which delves into the part of a love story that’s not often explored — what happens when an aging couple grow apart. Will they still be able to recover what had initially brought them together? Will they find their rhythm once more and rediscover the steps to a dance they used to do so well together?


"Sayaw" Sun Life short film
“Sayaw” by Mihk Vergara


Judy Ann Santos and Piolo Pascual, also Sun Life ambassadors, shared their own thoughts. As a Mom, I tended to relate more closely to this film although the overwhelming number of millennial bloggers thought that Waves resonated more with them. Moms (and Dads) will find “She Said, She Said” very close to our hearts.

Charo Santos-Concio, the fourth Sun Life ambassador and host of the long-running show, Maalaala Mo Kaya, is the older (and wiser) one among the other three ambassadors who also reacted to the three films.

This film made me realize that indeed, what brought two people together and make them decide to get married may be gone as both individuals evolve and grow. Sometimes interests and directions change and couples find that, in their older age, there is little they have in common. But this is when I believe the phrase “Love is a choice, not just a feeling” becomes even more important. A couple that finds the precious common thread that runs through their lives and combines this with their beautiful memories together, love will endure.

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