Eye Mo, my childhood eye care brand, is back!

When you grow up with a popular household brand and it disappears from the market, there is all the more reason to celebrate its comeback. That is what several of us did a few days ago when we came together to celebrate the return to the Philippine market of Eye Mo.



The Eye Mo brand was acquired from GlaxoSmithkline by Pharma Health Care Pte. Ltd (Singapore) in 2016. Pharma Health Care Pte. Ltd is part of the Combiphar Group of Companies, a leading multinational consumer healthcare company based in Indonesia. Established in 1971, Combiphar now manufactures and markets almost 200 prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, including Eye Mo. Combiphar is currently building a new sterile facility to further improve its manufacturing facilities.

Eye Mo comeback


Nothing has changed. The familiar blue and red bottles are back and ready to combat the five signs of eye irritation with its new campaign aptly called ‘EYERITATION’.

Eye Mo variants
The two Eye Mo variants: Eye Mo Red Eyes Formula (left) and Eye Mo Moisturizing Formula (right)


Eye Mo has been around for a long, long time. It has been my family’s go-to eyedrops brand since we were small kids.  Our medicine cabinet at home always had this tiny, iconic bottle. I remember Mom using it on us during times when we would have dust particles in the eyes (I was physically active and dark-skinned then). There was also just one Eye Mo back then — the original blue bottle.

The blue bottle is Eye Mo Moisturizing Formula for dry eyes. This is the one meant for general use because one can use it as needed throughout the day. Its main ingredient, Hypromellose, lubricates and soothes the eyes.  People who stay in airconditioned rooms for hours on end or have fans directed at them will also notice their eyes drying. This is the same with long haul plane trips where the eyes easily dry up because of the airconditioning and air pressure. With the advent of the internet and smartphones, more people look at their gadgets and computer screenes much longer and do not blink that often. Blinking is a way to naturally moisturize one’s eyes so people who play games, for example, are some of the most affected because they do not blink too often, afraid to miss critical parts of the game. Eye Mo Moisturizing Formula is best for such situations.

A second variant was eventually introduced for better and more specialized eye care — Eye Mo Red Eyes Formula. Its main ingredient, Tetrahydrozoline HCl provides quick relief from eye redness and minor discomforts caused by irritants.

Easily distinguishable because of its red bottle, Eye Mo Red Eyes Formula addresses the other four eye conditions:

  1. Red Eyes – Commuters deal with pollution and dirt every day during their commute. Riders on motorcycles, bicycles and in non-airconditioned vehicles like jeeps and tricycles deal with smog, smoke, and pollution that can get in the eye and cause irritation.
  2. Watery Eyes – Some people suffer from excessive tearing even if they are not crying. This could be indicative of an underlying health condition that an eye doctor should see. Oftentimes, irritation or inflammation on the eye surface is the culprit.
  3. Sore Eyes – This does not refer to sore eyes conditions involving a virus. That would require medical attention. This usually refers to eyes that become sore from staring at a computer screen for long periods of time or from too much reading.
  4. Itchy Eyes  – Usually, this condition is triggered by allergies. It can also occur when the eyes are exposed to mold or dust.

Here’s a suggested way to apply Eye Mo:

How to apply Eye Mo


There are a few important things you need to remember when using Eye Mo:

  1. Eye Mo cannot be used with contact lenses ON. Take them off before dropping Eye Mo into your eyes.
  2. DO NOT apply Eye Mo on children 6 years and below.

Eye Mo is now available in all leading drugstores in the Philippines. I’m just happy to have Eye Mo again in my family medicine cabinet….and in my bag.

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