Holiday shopping with the Healthy Options gift boxes

My favorite health store has come up with items you can give for Christmas that are both healthy and natural – Healthy Options gift boxes!!!

Healthy Options stained glass gift boxes
Stained glass-themed gift boxes at Healthy Options


I’m always at Healthy Options, being a Gold cardholder. We get our supplements from there as well as our regular supply of oats, nuts, superfoods like chia and quinoa, and even snacks sometimes. But recently, I was invited back to be part of a small group of bloggers who got an early look at their different holiday gift boxes. Set in one of their larger branches at Glorietta 2, we spent several hours taste testing some of the items that came with the gift boxes and had a sumptuous and very yummy lunch as well, courtesy of The Sexy Chef.

Each gift box is themed after one of the holiday’s most popular and meaningful customs that have become symbolic of Christmas. For people who hate shopping and just want to go into a store and pick out a gift box that is already prepared, decorated and wrapped, this collection of gift boxes will be perfect.

The Star of Bethlehem Box (PhP 6,995)

When we hear about the star of Bethlehem we are reminded of that big star that led the 3 Wise Men to Bethlehem where the Messiah was born. The Star of Bethlehem gift box is a collection of gourmet selections that can help lead your loved ones to better health. These selections will be perfect for a healthy Noche Buena feast.


The Star Of Bethlehem Box


One of the items I tried from this collection is the Garden Veggie Chips. On the outside, the chips look like that other brand which I used to buy a lot of but which I’ve stayed away from since I found out it was GMO (genetically modified organism) food.  Crisp and tasty, you could not tell that these chips were made with potatoes, spinach, broccoli, and peas! I’m getting this for my chips-loving kids!


Garden Veggie Chips


The St. Nicholas Box (PhP 3,995)


Known more as Santa Claus these days, St. Nicholas was known to give presents to the needy in secret. The St. Nicholas holiday collection is bundled with snacks and goodies that will surprise any one you give this to.

The St. Nicholas Box


The Advent Candle Box (PhP 2,995)

We are nearing Advent and in my home, Advent is always celebrated with a wreath and 4 candles which we light in anticipation of Christmas. The Advent Candle Box is like a wholesome countdown for loved ones filled with organic goodies that families can share and enjoy.

The Advent Candle Box


Organic Fruit Twists
Organic Fruit Twists – sweet and sticky


Newman Os
Newman O’s – creme filled mint chocolate cookies made with organic flour


Sparkling, Non-Alcoholic Juices (PhP 295)
Not to be missed in any Noche Buena feast is this line of sparkling, non-alcoholic juices. I actually prefer them now over real wine. Not only are they cheaper but everyone in the family can partake of it, including the children. And I love the bubbly! Best thing? It’s only PhP 295 per bottle so I can easily afford a bottle, or two, or three.

Each gift box above has a bottle of sparkling juice. You can also buy the sparkling juice separately. Variants: Acai, Wildberry, Peach, Grape Juice, Gold Apple, and Rosé.

Sparkling Juice


The Evergreen Fir Box (PhP 2,995)

The leaves of fir trees are always green, even in winter. This is why the evergreen is associated with everlasting life. The Evergreen Fir box sends the same message. It contains a collection of snacks made from all-natural ingredients.


The Evergreen Fir Box


The Christmas Angel Box (PhP 2,995)

The angel that announced the birth of the Messiah to the shepherds was sent by God. This Christmas Angel box will be a godsend as well to whoever receives it. It is filled with treats that are gluten-free — perfect for those with celiac disease, wheat allergy, or gluten sensitivity.

The Christmas Angel Box


The Poinsettia (PhP 1,095)

Called “The Flower of the Holy Night”, the poinsettia is part of a Mexican legend about how it blossomed from a bouquet of weeds offered by a poor girl to the baby Jesus on Christmas Eve. The Poinsettia box comes with different pampering essentials to make the holidays stress-free. The image below shows Nature’s Gate Moisturizing Liquid Soap, Andalou Face Mask, Soothing Touch Body Scrub, Ala Maison Bar Soap. Other variants are also available.

The Poinsettia Box lowres


The Mistletoe Box (PhP 595)

The mistletoe is an ancient symbol of love and friendship (it’s not just the kissing, folks!!!). The Mistletoe gift box packs travel-sized essentials that give protection, healing and new life. The image below includes Giovanni Ultra-Moist Travel Size Shampoo, Giovanni Ultra- Moist Travel Size Conditioner, Saavy Green Tea & Lime Bar Soap, Giovanni Invigorating Travel Size Shave Cream. Other variants are available.

The Mistletoe Box


Now, if you are the type who loves personalizing gifts, Healthy Options recommends its Top 10 Natural Beauty Picks.


Top 10 natural beauty picks

    1. Nature’s Gate Biotin Shampoo and Nature’s Gate Biotin Conditioner (PhP 259 each)
    2. Dickinson’s Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner (PhP 399)
    3. Homehealth Castor Oil (PhP 435)
    4. Alba Acnedote Deep Pore Wash (PhP 359)
    5. Aura Cacia Argan Oil Morocco (PhP 995)
    6. Andalou Age Defying Scalp Intensive (PhP 879)
    7. Jason Organic Tee Tree Oil (PhP 1,025)
    8. Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel (PhP 1,095)
    9. Aztec Indian Healing Clay (PhP 429)
    10. Dr. Woods Skin Lightening Soap (PhP 239)

I will be avoiding the long lines and crowds again this year (I don’t like Christmas shopping!) and Healthy Options will be a definite one-stop shop for me. Whether it is personal care items, snacks, supplements, or a bottle of sparkling juice, I know I’ll be giving gifts of health to the people I love.

Visit Healthy Options to know more about their products.
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